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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by advantage landscaping, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. advantage landscaping

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    To the glee of most of you (stopping low-balling!!!).... Next year I am going to try to go legit as a 17 year old. I know my first step is a biz license... and then insurance.... and they the correct tax/bank accounts. I do not need a MA state biz license, but I do need a local one.

    My question is will my age (not 18 until next October) matter with all of these legal things, like licensing and insurance? Do I need to put all of my biz stuff under an 18+ adult, or can I do it as a 17 year old? I know it will mess up my parent's taxes, which is why I would like to have my own things in my name, if possible.

  2. Matts lawn care

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    I got legit at the beginning of this year at 16.

    Bank account: You have to run your business through your personal bank account. I tried to get a business bank account and the bank guy went off talking about the patriot act and other good stuff.

    In MD i was able to get the business in my name no problem just took around 3 months for the paperwork to get through. You will get a tax id or something like that in the mail

    Insurance: As far as i know you have to get your Mom/Dad to sign as well as you since your not 18 yet.
    PM me if you have any more Q's
  3. advantage landscaping

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    Hmm I will check that out. Anybody else with info?
  4. PlatinumLandCon

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    I'm 16 and set everything up by lunchtime one day, license, bank account, taxes and all. I don't see how they won't let you open a business account. If they will honestly not let you, open a completely different account at another bank to keep everything seperate.
  5. advantage landscaping

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    I hope it's that easy...
  6. TimTim2008

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  7. PlatinumLandCon

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    Yeah man, its not hard. Just act and think like an adult and they'll treat you like one.
  8. daveintoledo

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    only thing, you cant sigh a contract till your 18.... but you will be fine
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    Hey Dave...

    Where did you go to Boot Camp...PI or SD
  10. Krehling's Prop. Maint.

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    This is untrue. I run a very professional operation and I have been hassled more times over the dumbest things between banks and insurance companies in the last four years. My first year of business I went through twelve different companies that wouldn't give me insurance because i wasn't 18. I ended up having it set up as a partnership with my dad so that I could get my equipment insured for theft and to get liability coverage. Then 3 weeks later they audited me. Then this summer I had issues with my bank, they stopped letting me deposit checks made out to my business into my personal account, which is complete bs considering as a sole proprietor you and your business are one entity, so I had to go to several different banks before I could get one that would set up a dba account in my name with my ss#, and even then I had to pull quite a few strings. You can't truly run a business without your parents until you are 18 there is no way around it. Long story short, next September my life will be 10x easier.

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