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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by houston, Apr 30, 2004.

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    I am about to have some multipart forms printed for my business (proposals and invoices).

    Do I get 2 part forms or 3 part forms and why?

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    Hi Houston,

    Here is a great article that may help you. Review the entire article here.

    "A printed three-part (triplicate) proposal, estimate or quotation form will help send the message that you are organized and professional. Having a multi-part form will save you from scrambling for photocopies and will add a touch of professionalism. You also will also be assured that you and your customer have the same information so that misunderstandings can be avoided.

    Adding company information-name, address, phone number, fax number, email and internet address, company logo and company slogan-will help to position your company as established, expert and professional and will leave a lasting and positive impression. Your printed forms should be easy for customers to understand. Make sure that the forms include all important information. There should be room to list important details. When you include your company's complete contact information, a customer is more likely to call or email you, or visit your web site. Your printed logo also will serve to reinforce your "brand" in the customer's memory.

    In addition, you can add sections on the form to capture relevant information about your customers. This will provide you with vital information for later initiatives such as prospecting for new customers or following up with existing customers for a clean-up, pruning or other service.

    Clients prefer forms that are easy to understand. Customers can become frustrated and unhappy when presented with an invoice, job estimate or other business form that is sloppy and hard to read.

    Customized details count If you use "one-size-fits-all" forms for your business, you are missing a major marketing and efficiency tool. Customized forms are usually slightly more expensive than standardized forms and take time to design, but are well worth the investment.

    When ordering custom business forms, don't skimp on the time you spend designing them. Make sure that every piece of important information is recorded on the form. Design your forms to reflect the workflow of your business, and be sure to ask colleagues and co-workers for their input. The advice of field crews is invaluable. Often, they will have a different perspective on what is important on a form. A few changes can turn a standard form into a great business tool-one that will save time and money, and increase efficiency.

    When designing a custom form, remember that you can include preprinted information such as specific duties and areas, and frequency of tasks performed. For example, a lawn-maintenance invoice can include preprinted areas for recording mowing, edging, weed control, pruning, fertilizing and spring or fall clean-up. These detailed forms will make the field worker's job faster and easier to complete. Office personnel also will benefit from standardized information. They will not have to decipher handwriting and guess at tasks completed or products used-and perhaps underestimate the job.

    Here are some features that make business forms more useful:

    * Consecutive numbers on each business form allow for quick, easy reference and make office operations easier to handle.

    * Color-coding highlights key areas and increases the speed at which the form is filled out while improving overall readability.

    * Perforations create a "tear-out" portion of the form, which you can use to mark merchandise and eliminate mistakes.

    Customized business forms can help keep your record-keeping secure. When choosing business forms, be aware that checks and other forms with a "cash value" that are cut on plain paper can make easy work for forgers. Security features should be standard on checks, gift certificates and redeemable coupons. By adding your company logo, unique colors, coding or typeface to these sensitive business forms, you can help avoid costly incidents."
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    So where can one buy or design custom business forms?

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