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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by ztrguy, Oct 10, 2006.

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    Has anyone tried to get a grant for your business? Any helpful tips? Advice? Any such luck or know anyone that has done this?
  2. huh

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    I know a good deal about getting grants and there are MANY tricks to it to be able to actually qualify for one...I am not going to say that it would be impossible to get one for a Lawn and Landscape company, but it would be next to impossible and require you to have connections with the city or the county you are located in and it would almost exclusively require that the city or county you live in be rural....even then you would need to be creative....and it would help if you are a minority of some type

    if you do have connections in your local government and you live in a community classified as rural it would probably be easier for you to work with them to get a grant for a "main street" improvement or a park improvement and then you make the bid to actually do the work....of course there is always the chance you will get undercut on that bid and the work would go to someone else....but hey you would be living in a nicer community :)

    it is next to impossible IMO to find any "free" money for this type of industry

    lastly as an example when you hear that "ask lesco" and he blabs about all of the money for a coffee shop......well if you ever saw the grant I can assure you it was not for a "coffee shop" it was for someone probably a "minority" to go into a rural or more likely a "blighted area" and fix up some strip center and do a build out as an improvement to that "blighted" strip center and it just happened that the business getting the buildout was a coffee shop

    so yes they did get 150,000 for a "coffee shop", but in reality they were in a VERY SPECIFIC type of area and met VERY SPECIFIC types of criteria to be able to qualify....and in the end they were probably out of business in 2 years because they opened a "latte shop" in the ghetto....if they were smart they paid themselves well for the 2 years and paid themselves to do an inflated priced buildout and left some bank stuck with the note on a bunch of used coffee equipment and the name to a bankrupt company

    so if you somehow think you can relocate your companys office to a blighted strip center and improve it you MAY have a chance....or if you think your rural or blighted community would work with you to get a grant to improve an area or a park that you are qualified to bid on then you are IN!....otherwise you are OUT!

    any other questions please ask :)
  3. Green-Pro

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    Very Sound/good advice. Grant writing is dang near an art form in that it is very specific. There are folks that make a living solely off of writing grants for small business's. Say the grant is $750,000.00 the grant writer gets a percentage if the grant is successful in being accepted. Usually a small percentage, but even a small percentage of a large grant can be a decent sum of money.
    I looked into it here is a government website I doubt you will find anything remotely close enough to qualify you for a matter how creative you can get with grant writing. Good Luck

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