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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Royallawncare, Mar 5, 2005.

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    I've been in the business for about 4 years now part time just mowing around 20 residential lawns, but this year i plan on making this my full time job i want to expand to around 60 new lawns. So if i want to accomplish my goal i will need to market my company and get my name out there, I plan on doing this by putting out flyers flyers flyers, my truck and trailer will be painted on monday, and I am ordering my business cards today. My question is what do i do from here should i go door to door offering my services to people or just pass out thousands of flyers? How many flyers should i pass out? Seeing that i am a new company most people wont recognize my name yet, how can i change that quickly? I have a professionally printed up flyer that i think is quite catchy but how many of these do I need to get out there for me to reach my goal? Keep in mind that in this area there are tons of people much like me who are in the business (I have already recieved 3 flyers and 1 doorhanger from local people and i am not even in what i would consider a "target area") There are so many companies around here how can i become one of the best and monopolize? my market?
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    Could you tell me alittle about how you got started part-time. I have been asked to due a few lawns. Never really thought about a part time business. But I think I might go fo it. Did you get insurance any experince you would like to share would be great

    Thank you

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    you need to do whatever it takes when you first step out of the gates. Whether it be fliers, doorhangers, postcards, direct mail, handing out business cards, newspaper ads, etc. Get be honest with potential customers.
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    Hi Royallawncare,

    Hand out flyers every week. Get your name out.
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    Try your local newspaper first and put few flyer around where you like to cut lawn ....i have to watch where i put flyers out around here cause i can go the next day to the same location where i put my flyer and it no where be found !!! about 95% i get new customer in the ad,,,Good luck
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    I got started through my uncle who had an aerations business which is huge in this area i worked with him a couple weekends and then my neighbor owns a very prominent lawncare company in our area and hired me for about 2 weeks i got frustrated because i was working 8-10 hour days sometimes more and only getting paid $6 an hour so i decided i would make a lot more money on my own and working less hours. I started by asking neighbors if i could cut their lawn i was 13 at the time my first year i had 3 customers the next year i passed out fliers and bumped up to 12 each year i have expanded last year i was a little over 20 and this year i have already recieved 7 new ones but am hoping for much higher i want around 60 to keep me busy please help...
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    4 years and 20 customers? That is almost exactly the position that I was in at the end of last year.

    Take a look at the thread called "I did it". You can find it if you do a search under PTP. Hopefully, this will help.

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