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    We are two brothers, Matt and Pat, who started mowing the neighbors yard at an early age. Our dad fixed lawnmowers and so he always had extra mowers sitting around. They were all 21", not walk behinds. We used a lot of Sears, but soon came to realize Toro was more to out liking. After a few years, we started mowing 3 more neighbors houses across the street. After our dad gave a low quote, saying that it was a neighbor, we decided we were going to have to do this business on our own.
    We soon got our first away job, and so we bought an open 6.5x12 trailor. We realized that pulling around 21" would take forever, and so Pat bought a 36" Toro T-bar fixed deck. We used that on all of out lawns. Once we had that, we went from a sears curved shaft weedwhacker to an Echo Straighshaft one, and we also bought a backpack blower. As the years progressed, we got new clients and dropped a few of the ones that we did not like. One was a come every month or so and mow it. We soon realized we did not make any money on this account. Once Pat got his permit, we went out mowing every week, about 2 days a week. We bought more equipment and started pricing jobs better. Last year we had 20-25 clients and we did around 10 yards of mulch for the year. This year, we have doubled our number of clients, increased productivity with a 52" Toro floating, and priced our newer clients much better. So far we have installed 100+ yards of mulch and atleast 20 yards of topsoil. For this we have bought a dump trailor which we also use for cleanups. The milestone that we have achieved this year is that we dont care about mowing every week because we have other jobs that make us more money. We have built our first retaining walls, and have upped our level of work especially for spring cleanups. In August I will have my license and we plan on running two crews. This winter we will bid high on jobs and use our current accounts as a solid base, in case we dont land enough accounts. Next year, we plan on raising prises on about 60% of our clients, most of them were from our early and inexperienced years. We hope by next year to have enough accounts to keep us busy, but not too much that we can not get them done. We want two trucks and to be able to pay for them and Pats way through college. One day, we want to be mentioned in a Lawn and Landscape for our business achievements.

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