Business Insurance or LLC


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Give me some information on your business insurance amounts and how much you pay yearly?

For all you LLC's give me some insight, do you buy extra insurance just in case or what?

Just trying to figure out what way I'm going or if I need to get both?


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A LLC is a business entity and not insurance.
In the event of a lawsuit, a LLC limits your liability to the assets owned by the company and in most cases protects those assets owned by you personally.

However, in the event the LLC is sued, and you are not insured, the LLC will be responsible for all the legal costs of defending the suit. The first thing the plaintiff's lawyer will do is slap a lien on all your company equipment and bank accounts.
Now then, where will the $250. an hour to pay a lawyer come from?
You could be wiped out in a heartbeat.

Your insurance company will pay to defend the suit AND the judgement up to the limit you choose.
Get the insurance.
Could be the best five hundred bucks you ever spent.


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