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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by jajwrigh, Feb 24, 2004.

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    After only passing out 300 flyers yesterday and sending out renewals here is what I have got so far...The first thing is a customer from last season is moving this weekend into a bigger house and it is worth an extra $10-$15 a cut to me and he said money isn't a problem for whatever I am going to charge. Also I scheduled my first estimate of the season for tommorrow. The customer is very interested in all season lawn care. SOLD! I can't wait to see how much comes my way by the first of April! I am going to continue bidding and distributing flyers for at least another month. Good luck to all!
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    Starting to pick up here. All of my regular weekly accounts from last year,I am finally able to cut every 2 weeks and in a few weeks I will go to every week with them. Ready to starting heal-toeing it in those HOT 100 degree and HOTTER days. We are real busy now with mulching and clean ups and mowing. I went out on Sat. and they have started flagging you down and chasing you around the streets trying to get their lawns cut. That's a sign and I'm ready.
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    As my old post no calls yet states, no calls yet still holds and I am in indy too Jajwright!Haha It will be no time till I am booked, I hope!

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