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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by realtree27, Feb 19, 2006.

  1. realtree27

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    Iam starting a mowing business this year to help me pay for college. Do I need a license and insurance, also whats the best way to get as many jobs as possible. Thanks for all the help. Marc Davis
  2. mikefromny

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    doorhangers,doorhangers and some more doorhangers and let the referals take it from there and than next year do doorhangers , doorhangers and doorhangers and keep piling it up and than getting more word of mouth and before you know it , you got a business
  3. befnme

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    yes get lic and ins before you do your first job. heck get it before you soilicit any business.
  4. ajsherco290

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    Why is it important to get a business licence and insurance?
  5. befnme

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    first off you need insurance to cya in case of anything ? for example i mowed the same place for a while and then one day out of the blue bang there goes something my mower picked up and it went thru a car window . now with that little expence i payed cash for the repair but what if the flying object hit someone in the head ? i woulda been up schit creek .right ? as far as the bus. lic first thought ,tax evasion .if you aint legal then you aint legal .second chamber of commerce listing , phone directory listing , professionalism...........
  6. AzonPM

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    We are LLC, have liability insurance, my trucks are covered under commercial business insurance, and my equipment is covered too.

    It pays to cover yourself. Plus some of my big clients require it!

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