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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by yazzy, Nov 15, 2012.

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    When I start my business, I'm obviously going to form an LLC. Then laying here watching tv I got to thinking.

    I live in Tennessee but I'm not sure what the laws are about it, but in every town and every county I want to do business in, I have to have an actual business license. Right? Or are there exceptions for lawn companies? You could probably rack up $200 easy in license fees if you have to do this.

    That sounds mind boggling. And you have to fill out the yearly tax forms in every municipality so they can collect their sales tax. This is all on top of the taxes Tennessee requires from LLCs.

    Is this all correct or am I over thinking this. It's really making me reconsider because of all the paperwork.
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    Most cities or counties require a business license. If you work in multiple areas the fees could add up. Welcome to the real world of doing business. You must factor these things into what you are charging.
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    You only need one county license from the county that you live in. In va, where im from, its called a bpol (businesses, professional, occupational license). That license is to work on business paperwork from my home, but I'm not allowed to have any company vehicles on my property. You will pay a local tax (not state tax) for that license, but the taxes for it are peanuts.
    An LLC is a good choice. I payed to file all of my llc paperwork. Its more expensive than doing it yourself, but cheaper than hiring a lawyer to do it. I registered for my state tax number myself, since I could do it online.
    The online thing else you need is insurance, which I would recommend going with a local branch or franchisee of a national insurance company.

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