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    Hey, Quick question. I am located in Alabama, and was wandering? Do I need a business license to mow commercial, and if I do, do I need it just for the town I live in, or in all of the towns that I mow in. I was told that I had to get them in every city that I mow in, and that inorder to get them I would have to take a commercial lawn mowing test:confused:, but the person who told me this could be unreliable, so Im not for sure. Thanks for any help.
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    I'm in Alabama as well.

    You need to have whatever license your city requires. Ours requires a $50 business license. Other towns' prices very, but they are pretty good about paying attention to who pulls into town to work. So, every town you cut in, you need a license for.

    You only need to take a test if you are going to 1) Apply any chemicals including Round-up or Fertilizer or 2) do any landscaping. Planting daisies is called "landscaping" here and if the state catches you planting or doing any installations, no matter how small, they will fine you.

    Getting a Landscapers license in AL requires a written exam and so many years experience with a landscape company or degree in horticulture.

    A spraying license or OTPC (Ornamental Turf and Pest Control) requires experience with a company (David worked with Chem-Lawn a few years ago) and a written exam.

    You can call the Alabama Dept of Agriculture in Montgomery for more information regarding those, and other applicator licenses.

    But, just for mowing alone, the city business licenses should suffice.

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    Ok thanks. I called the AL. Dept of Ag. just after I posted that, and that's what they told me. But they forgot to mention the experience requirement. I have none, lol. So I'm not sure what I'm gonna do.:dancing: They said that they have a Representative in my area, like about 10 mile from my home so he is suppose to contact me and help me out. So maby he will have an answer. Thank you for you help.

    By the way where are you located in Alabama.
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    We're in Eufaula.

    Now, you don't have to have experience to just mow, pretty sure. Just a business licence. Experience is for all that other fancy mess.

    Good Luck!

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    Oh yea ok. Well I would really like to start landscaping too. But like I said I have no experience, nor a degree. But I think that if I am going to offer landscapeing as a service I need some background inorder to provide a quality service, so I am thinking of trying to locate a good Horticulture program. I am intrested in an online course, if you or any one here knows of one. Thanks.
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    Get a line trimmer and come to my back yard i have a acre to get practice..!!J/K
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    WOW ... I didn't know you had to have a landscaping license in Alabama just to plant some flowers !! That seems like over kill.
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    Yup. When I talked to 'em; any time you change the existing landscaping you are acting as a "Landscaper" and if the State drives through while your doing it...or a competitor rats you get fined if you are not licensed through them.

    You can't call yourself a "landscaper" or advertise that you are a landscaper.

    Some places you may get away with it...but we are along a main route through this part of the state and the Dept of Agriculture dosn't have any problem spotting un-licensed LCO spraying or landscaping.

    David contracts through a licensed contractor.
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    I didnt know you couldnt plant flowers.
  10. Mrs. H

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    I may stand corrected. David said that annuals is "no big deal" (his words) but that you would have to call the state and ask. I am not sure if there are certain type you can plant and can't plant. My conversation was about a year ago, and I believe they said "planting" and I took it to mean "all plants". David has always worked out any jobs that required planting with the licenced landscaper in town. No point in getting fined anymore than we need to be.

    Always error on the side of caution...I guess you could "say you're sorry instead of asking permission" but you can run into an expensive gamble.

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