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Dayton, TN
In my county I have to have a business license ($15) if I make more then $3000 a year. In Tennessee there is no sales tax on lawn mowing because it's a service, so I don't have to turn anything in. I just have to have a business license to have it and to my taxes.
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where i live it's required if you work within city limits. if you work outside the city limits only it's not required. so basically if you have one yard to cut that's in the city limits you need one. :laugh:


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Long Island, NY
The part of the state I live in my county requires you to register the business and get a home improvement contractors license. Then who knows about NYC, and upstate? Then there is sales tax.

Start with your county gov to see if they have a consumer affairs dept.


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North East
Do I have to have a business license to mow lawns?
The wording you used, looks like if you don't NEED a license then you won't get one. What are you planning for gl insurance?


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We are not required to have a license up here but, my customers would appreciate it if they know they are hiring a legit/legal company. Not some guy that wont be there after money is exchanged.
just because you don't have a license doesn't mean your not legit. only if your location requires it and you don't have it.

my location only requires a license to put down fert and weed aps.

no license for me since I don't do fert......:waving:


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If you are required to pay for a business license, make sure your bookkeeper knows if the license is an annual fee or a one-time long-term fee that you, as the proprietor, own. It makes a difference on how it’s shown on your books.

If you own the license, and it’s transferable, it’s an asset. It should be depreciated over the life of the license. If the license fee is for an annual period or shorter, its an expense and should be booked as such.