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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by boxoffire, Oct 18, 2004.

  1. boxoffire

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    Just started in business about a month ago and bought a license to do business in my home city. My question is this. I put an ad in local paper which also goes to some surrounding cities and my ad is also on the internet for 30 days. Well I've gotten 3 calls that resulted in jobs. 1 in my city, and 2 others in nearby towns just outside of my city limits. I needed the work and justified driving there at this point and doing the jobs. I know there is no such thing as a "county" license because I called about it. Am I going to get nailed by these close by cities for doing business with a resident only if I don't have a license to do business in their towns too? I mean at this rate I'd have to buy about 10 different licenses if I want any work in these surrounding towns, and there are literally 8-10 of them. Thanks.

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    I would think you could work anywhere. My license in VA, it was issued by the town I live in. The LOCATION of the business determines where the license comes from (by location, I mean where you keep all your equipment/office, not where your clients are).

    Never hurts to check on these things if you're unsure.
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    Down here all you need is the County licence..If i work in another county i have to have that counties licence also ..I dont need a city licence here do to the fact that i have no storefront and im workin from my office at the house... Dont no about the laws in carolina so i would definately call the city or county licencing department and ask them first ..
  4. boxoffire

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    Thanks guys, I'll maybe look into it. But what you said Hoolie does make sense. I bought a "home based" business license for my city and it would make sense that the license covers me at least in my own county. It was $50 for license here and don't think I'm gonna pay $50 each for 10 other towns and pay $500. If that's the case when I check on it, I'll just have to stay in my city because unlike what A Leaf Above said, we don't have county licenses here cause I checked. Thanks.
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    where i live in tennessee i must have both a city and a county at $15.00 each. if you are not located in the city limits you do not have to have a city. but for the other counties i dont know. wondering that my self. i am getting ready to work on a deal that covers 42 stores most in different counties, and some in another state.

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