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    What are the BEST benefits of running your own "LAWN/LANDSCAPE" business??? Do you have more or less time for yourself? For your Family?
    Still working on the WIFES' APPROVAL for this venture and just want to get as many facts as I can. Thanks!!!
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    As I recall you worked alot in your previous job. This type of work is seasonal so there will be less time with family durring heavy growing season but more in the off season. We have grass to cut year round out here and it still got slow in the winter.More familly time in winter. Keeping your routes tight and staying oraganized will make you more efficent so at a certain point you can get in enough jobs a day to satisfy the income level you want. You can do this by selling add ons and doing fewer properties. Only drawback is that if the customer drops, it hurts more. Stay out of debt as much as you can and that will lessen the arguments at home. Try to pay cash instead of finance stuff so she doesn't see the bill for the equipment comming every month. The biggestest advantage is you are in control of your life and business. You make yourself happy by doing good work and providing a servcice to your customers. If you really love this type of work, which from the sound of it you trully do, then give it all you've got. :waving:

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    Thanks for the response!! I truly do LOVE this industry. I'm sitting in my FLORIDA room as we speak looking at my back yard covered in snow...planning what I want to do to the property come this spring! I know my heart is in this 100+% (from the business end) and is slowly getting there on the FAMILY(wife) end as well!!

    I have SOOOO many ideas on how to make this business successfull, I have to go thru with this full bore!!!!!
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    I'd love to hear more replies to this as well. I teach full time and want to start a lawn care venture on the side. Eventually. I want to make it my full time job, when it has grown enough. I understand it will cut into my time while I still work another job full time, but I would like to have the same amount or more of free time when I go full time.


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    I think it would be safe to say that when starting a new business, you are going to have less free time than if you were working for someone else. It is quite possible that this will be the case for many many years as well. If you want to do it, you can make it happen! :)

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