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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by tiedeman, Jan 22, 2003.

  1. tiedeman

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    I hold a business meeting as a group with my employees once a month, and I also hold an individual business meeting with each employee. I just starting doing the business meetings last year, because before I would just listen to the guys and get ideas from them just talking (not in a meeting situation). Since I started doing the business meetings I have saved time, increased production,and increased profit, just from their ideas.

    I want to know how many LCO's out there hold business meetings?
  2. Sean Adams

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    It's amazing what you can learn from your employees. They are in the field, they have lots on their mind and are often more creative than owners themselves. It's always good to conduct meetings/trainings/pow-wows to keep lines of communication open and create a "team atmosphere". I'm all for them.
  3. Darb

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    Sounds like a winning idea. I do know a very large LCO that does have these meeting. I don't know the manner in which they are run though.

    I imagine that if the business meetings were held in a round table fashion it would be very much like this forum; where we learn from one another. I think most people believe they have a valid opinion and they enjoy expressing it in a manner where it will be listened to.

    The problem that I have with this is if the employees start to think that once they have voiced their opinion they will expect management to follow through with their idea even if it is contrary to the companies business plan. I know that this issue can be dealt with ... it is just a concern.

    Again, I think it is a great idea and I, too, wonder how many of you out there have tried it and wheither it was worthwhile.
  4. tiedeman

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    This is how I run the meetings....

    I first put together an outline of what we are going to discuss in the meeting. I put time limits on each subject, so that we don't spend that much time talking about something to death. The meetings also have to start at a specific time sharp, if you are not there for that time then you are not allowed into the meeting and thus losing out on extra hours. We close the meeting by having an open forum for 15 mins where guys can give a topic that they want to talk about for the next meeting. So then the next meeting I put that topic into the outline with an approiate time.

    Basically regarding their opinions and about they would expect me to follow through with them, is that I will tell them right there and now whether I will try it or not. And with the other employees in the meeting if they don't like it either they will say no. But it still all comes down to I, not THEM, have the final say.
  5. bubble boy

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    for me its not formal. just 5 min at the start of the day, maybe 10 or 15 min at the end. usually while loading/unloading. not ideal, but helps to keep ideas flowing.

    a formal meeting is a great idea.
  6. Arc Burn

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    I worked for a municipality for 7 years and nobody gave a damn what we had to say,we were out there doing the work,we could see ways to do it faster,easier sometimes just plain better,i understand some things are done for a reason and did not have to be explained to us,but you should most defenitly listen to your workers,they do this work everyday and have good ideas,not to mention getting them involved will likely make them a better team player.Just my 2 cents
  7. rodfather

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    Same here. 5 minutes or so in the morning to outline things and 10 at the end of the day to hear what went on and what maybe needs to be changed, new ideas implimented, etc.
  8. turfsprayr

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    We have meetings every Friday. Notes are kept on each topic and who attended the metting.We go over last weeks topics first...for any further input. Then go around the table for each person to bring to the metting what they might have on their mind.We also have a dry erase board in the room for anyone to put ideas up during the week to be talked about during the metting. We have a safety slot.. for a time to talk about how to keep everyone safe. At the end the owner will talk about what he has seen in the company and any ideas he would like to pursue. Only foreman are in the mettings. We are looking into having a once a month metting with laborers to get everyone involved.Trucks are loaded and ready to go before metting starts. Mettings last about thirty min to a hour depending on time before laborers arrive. naturally in the spring and summer mettings are shorter due to work load but the forum is still there for ideas to surface.
  9. Tony Harrell

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    I have been in more meetings than I care to remember. Most of them were just a big waste of time. For a meeting to be effective, you have to have an agenda and stick to it. I think a monthly safety meeting is a good way to cya, be sure to document it with signatures. If I ever have meetings, they will be performed out in the field, not around a table. The employee idea implementation remark was on target. That's why I work for myself now. Careful, you may get the same thing!

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