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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by tlwmsu, May 4, 2006.

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    OK, not really the name; that has been decided, and I will be some getting logo input within the next few weeks. But, the "descriptive" part of the name. In other words, with "X's Lawn Care", the "lawn care" is the descriptive part that lets people know what you do. I plan to EVENTUALLY offer a pretty full range of exterior services for homes/businesses, including lawn care, small landscaping maintenance, pressure washing, exterior debris cleanup, and maybe even exterior window washing. So, I don't want to limit my name to "... Lawn Care" or "... Lawn Services". My choice right now is "... Property Services", but will that confuse people that I am a property management company??? And, I'm also worried about the name being too long; the name is 13 characters long by itself. I'm being a bit obsessive about this, but this will be my 1st "on my own" endevour in business, and I want it to be right. Any help is much appreciated.
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    Landscape Management is always a good choice and an industry accepted term. The term "lawn care" I would would stay away from, as technically, it entails the the actual fertilization and pesticide application of the business. (Yes, it IS a text term in actual turf management text books). Lawn or Grounds Maintenance better defines the mowing and property care. Be selective and take your time.
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    I like "Landscape Management"...:dancing:

    However, will that confuse people into thinking that I do design or installs? I hope to do installs one day, but will have to gain classroom knowledge and experience first. Thanks for the help!!! :clapping:

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    "full Service Maintenance"?
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