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business name registration in FLA


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Gainesville, FL
Hi everyone, this is my first post. I've been searching around the site for the last year or so and enjoy reading everyone elses posts. I worked for someone in town for about a year while attending school at Uf and now decided to start my own business. I started last year and have a few residentials and 3 sonic drive ins as well. I was good friends with the area manager so he wanted me to take care of the three stores. I dont really have a "business name" now, I got my occupational license and got 500,000 liability insurance. If I use my actual name, "Brandon Ray" or "Ray" in a business name is it true I do not need to register it and can just use my social for taxes? For example, Ray Lawn Care or something along those lines. I am still a little unsure on this. Any help would be appreciated, thanks a lot.


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Hi, In order to not register for a fictitious name, which is only 50.00 (sunbiz.org) and it is good for five years, you have to have your full name in the business name. I started out that way and then changed it.