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:usflag:hi, i am new to lawnsite. im 17, and ive had a little lawncare company for the past 4 years. im finally able to drive and ive purchased a truck, ive expanded my business and hope to do the same again in 2010. due to legal issues and the need for a name id like to know if you guys can throw me any tips for names. id like to mainly have it just two or three words and preferably something that can be represented with a mascott (animal, something catchy, etc.) for example (although name of a mower) i want to head in the driection such as "turf tiger" (obviously cant pick that) but, thats just a good example. i would like to choose something very original/aggressive and very catchy. any types of aggresive dogs, wildcats, bears, animals, vikings:laugh: are most desired as well as non common uses for grass or cutting etc. i am young and have fun with my business so fun or even corny names are still desireable especially because they can be the most catchy

if you can give me any type of suggestions or even a list of words that would be greatly appreciated because im sending in my doorhanger file so i need this name thing finished immediately.

Thanks alot,

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Young Kids Lawn Care
Polar Bear Lawn Care
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Maybe use your first or last name and then add one of the following on it at the end like landscapes, landscaping, lawncare, landcare, property maintenance, property services etc.

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