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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by ky-lawn-guy, Feb 23, 2006.

  1. ky-lawn-guy

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    I have been trying to figure out a new name for my lawn service. I have had my lawn service for about 7 or eight years now, all through high school and college but i have about 60+ lawn and hope to grow a little bigger now that i am graduating college. I have just been using Matt's Lawn Service forever but i know that isnt professional. It seems like all the names using green or pro and so on have already been used. I have red hair and that is how everyone of my friends and family and even customers knows and recognizes me. As a joke someone called my lawn service "Copperhead Lawn and Landscape" Since it seems like everything has already been used...I ws just thinking about keeping it since people recognize me that way anyways. So what do you guys think?? Does it sound professional enough? Thanks
  2. CC Lawncare

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    I would not go with the copperhead name. It sounds aggressive and not customer friendly. I don't think that it would boost your business volume. If you are a one-man show and have 60+ accounts, I would say that you and your current lawncare name are becoming well-recognized in the area. ........If it ain't broke, ............don't fix it!
  3. sheshovel

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    How bout Ready Red's Lawn Care & Landcaping
  4. Squizzy246B

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    If you were DownUnder we'd call you "Blue" because of your red hair.

    Copperhead sounds like you might attract a lot of Steve Earle fans.

    The game is all about reputation. Can you register a business name that reflects your local area and still keep Matt's with it like:

    "Bungle County Lawncare
    Matt's Mowing Service
  5. baddboygeorge

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    Carrot Top Cutters,,,Big Red Lawn,,,,Lawns By Red,,,,Red Lawn,,,
  6. BCFLawnLandscape

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    Why not just Red's Lawn & Landscape? your quote could be.... " Your lawn will be dead, if you don't use Red."..... There ya go... i've laid it all out there for ya... take it or leave it!
  7. tjsquickcuts

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    How about Clean Cuts, Turf Master, Plush Lawn and Landscape. I mean anything, just make sure no one already has it. Check with your locate county office, and go from there....
  8. beautifullawns

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    I would go with something else. Copperhead makes me think of a snake.

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