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Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by KS_Grasscutter, Oct 15, 2006.

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    Am wanting to change my name from Eric's Mowing Service to something... i dont know, just want something differnt. How did you guys come up with yours? Got any ideas for me, lol? So far, the best I have come up with is Pro-Cut Lawn Care (see avatar for logo). I still dont know if that seems quite "right". I do mainly mowing, but also do lawn aeration, overseeding, slit seeding, and power raking in fall and also some sod and landscaping. Thanks for any ideas.
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    Grow your business by growing your name. Give yourself a broader horizon by conveying to your customers and prospective customers that you are a more universal company. Give yourself a more general (but proper industry) term. Use something like property maintenance or or landscape management. Do NOT use "mowing service", "yard service" or something of this sort that is going to giv the connotation that that is all you do. Also, do not use the term "lawn care", unless that s what you are doing. Mowing grass and triming shrubs is not lawn care. Don't be afraid to broaden and widen your options for the future. Think like a businessman - think ahead. I hope this helps. Good luck with it.
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    Pretty Prairie Lawncare

    Salt City Lawncare

    State Fair Lawncare

    Prairie Dunes Lawncare

    Sand Hills Lawncare

    Sunflower Lawncare
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    KS- Im going through the same dilema, only i know what i want my name to be. See right now my business name is Dream Cut Lawn Care. But this year i hit big and really got into landscaping and installs, while still keeping mowing but enjoyed landscaping. Then calls for installs slowed way down, i then thought that when people heard my name or saw it on my card at a gas station or neighbor they thought i was an only lawn care business and next year i want to change to "DreamScapes Landscaping" still keeping the "Dream" in there and offer full lawn maintenance and landscaping services and hoping to really get big into landscaping but still keep lawn maintenance customers (15/week). Mike (mcwlandscaping) i believe also went through this and went from Mike's Lawn Service to MCW Landscaping. Hope This Helps! -Mitch-

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