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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by grassmanak, Jan 31, 2006.

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    Does anyone know a website where one can look and see if certain business names are taken, specifically nebraska, i just moved to the area, and need to purchase a new business license, and make sure my business name is available.
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    how about for Texas
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    when you go to registure your business with the state, in my case toget the neededvendors licence... you can do a searc, but they will tell you if the name is already registered or not....

    you can get some info from a search, but someone could have the paper work in process and it wouldnt be registered on the site yet... but they would be infront of you haveing alread filed the paper work
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    It looks like you have to file paper work for this one - I don't see a spot where you can do it online, but I may be missing something. See below:

    "State Registration
    All businesses operating in Texas as limited partnerships, registered limited liability partnerships, limited liability companies, corporations, professional corporations, nonprofit corporations, and professional associations must register with the Secretary of State. The Secretary of State provides a summary of requirements for the creation of these entities, but does not provide forms except for registration of a limited liability partnership. The Secretary of State publishes the Filing Guide, which offers guidelines for registering business entities. The guide also includes administrative rules and sample forms promulgated by the Secretary of State. The guide costs $35 and can be purchased directly from the Secretary of State (No longer available as of 2/15/2000). To order, refer to the telephone numbers listed on the next page.

    Corporations, limited partnerships, and limited liability companies organized in other states or countries may transact business in Texas by obtaining a certificate of authority through the Secretary of State. The Secretary of State can provide forms for the certificate of authority. An out-of-state business may also consider the option of creating a Texas corporation, limited partnership, or limited liability company for transaction of business in Texas.

    A name may not be used by more than one corporation in the state. The Secretary of State will perform a name search to verify that no other corporation, limited partnership, or limited liability company in Texas is using the exact name selected. To find out if a business name is available, call the Secretary of State and they will do an immediate computer search. The search is only for business names registered with the Secretary of State, and does not include business names registered only a county clerk.

    If a corporation will transact business under names other than that stated in the articles of incorporation, the corporation must file an Assumed Name Certificate with the Secretary of State, and with the county clerk in which the principal office and registered office of the corporation are located. (See next section for details on Assumed Name Certificates.)

    For more information, contact the Secretary of State, Corporations Section, P.O. Box 13697, Austin, Texas 78711-3697"

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