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My second day in biz after planning for 6 months leading up to the start. Once again, thanks to all you guys for so much info. I am finding out already that my previous 22 years as a business owner is paying off. Some things you just know about people from the school of hard knocks. I've picked up 4 yearly accounts in two days and did not compromise my bids just to get work, (residential). I'm finding that my knack for looking at the big picture and potential future growth and revenue's related to each opportunity is paying off already. I was fortunate enough to land a very prominent residential property on a major thru way to about 3000 other properties. 80% of home owners in this part of town must drive by this property every day. Told the property owner I would make his lawn and landscape a showcase for the area at regular cut, trim, edge , blow & go rate if he would let me advertise my work keeping a sign in his yard advertising my company, visible to traffic 24 hrs a day. Also had a realtor call from an exclusive section of county where homes average 300K to 500K and up. After making an appointment to meet him at the property he is wanting to get in mint shape for the new homeowners coming into town in 2 weeks, (the current landscape service had deteriorated to mowing in 15 minutes and out), I got the job and will average app. $50 hr. for work done. He said he will do everything in his power to let other home owners in this exclusive area know about my service. Three things I'm discovering already about this biz. 1. Love schmoozing with prospects on the phone, at their home, etc. and getting the account, then working them regarding them referring other prospects. 2. If you know how to talk to people in a professional manner and schmooze, you can get your price. 3. Riding a 52" Lazer ZTR is fun, and you get paid for it. I'm just a baby in this biz but so far the experience gained from previous business ownership in dealing with the public is invaluable. Thanks again for all the pointers from you guys. I know I'm a long way from having 70 prime accounts but I'm making the most of what I get and hope by doing so one day at a time the rest will come. Bassman

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Most of the homes we do are a $275 and up.<br>It sure helps the moral, when you are done and the property looks so good, with a nice house, yard, etc, etc. Much better than the old days when we did inner city houses.


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It just gets better - Keep it up.<br>Before you know it you will be hiring helpers.


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bassman--what you call schmoozing the customer is actually SELLING the customer. I'm sure you know that.<p>It can be alot of fun. Especially if you get turned down for a job for some stupid reason then they call you back and you get the job for your bid price. luvit!<p>GEO


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Congrats and Good luck! I'm on the same boat as you are, just startin' out. You get a ZTR though, no fair! 80)

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