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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by GreenBlade, Apr 6, 2013.

  1. GreenBlade

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    I'm 15 years old and currently growing my business. I am having a gard time finding the best way to be organized! I'm using the calendar on my computer for scheduling, excel for invoices, payments, expense & income, etc.

    I have 10 yards right now, but it's starting to get hard to keep up with everything. I'm an organized person and this is frustrating to me that I can't find a good way to keep track of everything.

    I hear & see things like groundskeeper, quickbooks, service auto-pilot, etc. I don't think I need something like that yet, plus it's too expensive.

    If anyone would care to share how they're doing it and give me some help it would be much appreciated.
  2. TriCityLawnCareLLC

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    Quickbooks. I think you'll find that most guys use some sort of program. I'm not sure that your question is clear. You're asking us to help you be organized but you aren't ready for software. You're using spreadsheets etc. what's you're question? What's hard for you about being organized with 10 clients? A bit more info will help
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  3. Smallaxe

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    I do hardcopy... one paper for "Time Card" and one paper for "Invoice" that is totalled monthy for each client...
    2 folders on the desk... that's easy...

    Once you 'simplify' you system, moving it to computer is also simpler...
  4. VampireCat019

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    Try ClipITC. It's free and I like it.
  5. easy-lift guy

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    Being organized is also a state of mind which includes being disaplined and in control of your day to day life affairs. If your still in school I would suggest asking your guidance councilor if Junior achievement is available at your school. If so look into this program since I believe it will better prepare you for after school and beyond with the working world your heading into. You may also want to contact and set up an appointment with a councilor and your parents. The councilor will be able to teach you how to create a business plan and ask if there are any mentoring programs available as well. The cost is free and the peace of mind will be priceless if your willing to make the effort.
    easy-lift guy
  6. nomorelawns

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    Excellent advice!
  7. TPendagast

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    "I'm 15, but Im an organized person who can't find a way to get organized"

    This sounds like you're 15.

    no one knows what they are at 15.

    You have ten customers, relax, you're 15.

    At your age with ten customers you can bill them on a paper napkin and it will all work out fine.

    Although the above poster is right, with your size customer base, ClipITC is FREE, and it is a very close version of software I have been using for my own business and those I consult for, for over a decade.
    It would be sound advice to jump on the bandwagon now, before the free offer is up.
  8. PLW

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    Check out the Locqus software. It's free to use and will do anything you're talking about and then some. You can run your business off it and plus they also have an app that you can download in the Google Play Store or apple store.

    Here is a link to their site.

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  9. recycledsole

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    microsoft excel
    one tab for customer info
    customer #, name, email, phone, address
    one tab for sales
    customer#, date, what you did, cost
    one tab for purchases
    vendor, date, amount

    other tabs you may find helpful are : goals/ business plan
    set your NET goals- meaning what you actually earn after your expenses.
    With a little bit of autosum commands you will be able to add everything up automatically as it is entered. you can see how much you spent total, how much you made total, and what you actually made.

    Good luck

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