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Hey guys i am putting together a nice looking brochure to give to business and i was just trying to get some ideas about pricing for it. I am listing things like this.
0-1/4 acre: ?
1/4-1/2 acre: ?
1/2-1 acre: ?
1- or more : call

Shurb trimming
1-5 shrubs: ?
5-10 shrubs: ?
10-20 shrubs: ?
20 or more: call

Mulching just labor cost
1-5 yrds: ?
5-10 yrds: ?
10 or more: call

Weekly bed maintance?
BIweekly bed maintance?

Litter pickup?

Anything else I should add?

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mowing- find a price thats good for you, covers your equipment cost, maitnence, fuel and gives you some profit of course ex. I charge 45$ an hour, so if the lawns gonna take me an hour, thats the price.

For the shrubs... you want to charge a dollar amount per shrub usually ranges from 5-7$ a shrub, that includes trimming them, cleanup, and removal

Mulch, I charge hourly to lay mulch, usually 35-50$ an hour depending on difficulty and if the beds need to be edged, cleaned etc.

I found out the hard way never to charge a set price except for mowing and shrubs because there is always something you run accross that takes you an extra hour or so. In which you could be making that extra hour or money.

Now I havent been in the business long but this is what I have learned so far.
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