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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by BVLAWNCARE, Jun 28, 2004.


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    Hey guys,
    I was wondering what your opinion on a business partner is. I am soon getting my business license and I have spent some big bux! (2003 Dodge, a few lawn mowers, trimmers, gas, insurance ect) and im looking for some new equipment, I dont have that many customers and I am looking for more, I am also looking for a fellow entrepenour ( I dont think i spelled that correctly) to put in some time and money. Whats your opinion on that

    ALSO, should I hire and advertiser? I dont like advertising @ all (too much of a pain for me and I really dont have time with my busy schedule to advertise) but I need more accounts what not... Any suggestions? How much do I pay an advertiser?

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    Sounds like lots of overhead. IF you decide to go the partner route, be Dang sure to get incorporated as an Limited Partnership. The other (extremely bad) form of a partnership would be a general partnership. In a general partner ship one partner can be held legally responsible for ALL BUSINESS debts. Simple solution, don't do it. I would recomend you speak with some attorney's and CPA's familiar with incorporating and seek professional advice before making a mistake ( like a general partnership or sole proprietorship). Do your home work on the subject. May GOD bless your efforts..
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    Run solo and hire an employee or two. Build up your client base, advertise locally, get an ad in the Yellow Pages for" credibility", do good work,and take care of your clients. Too many cooks spoil the zuppa, no?....good luck:D
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    i would NEVER have a business partner.... first of all, you HAVE to trust eachother. secondly, one little thing can break you guys apart. and thirdly, im WAYYY to selfish to have a business partner. if im gonna have a business, i want to say its mine, not mine and joe shmo. just do it solo with an employee or so. advertise some, the rest is mainly through refferals if you do a good job. give all your customers like 10 business cards and they will pass them out to other people. at least thats how it works for me.

    i advertised to 15,000 homes, i paid an advertiser to make the flyers and send em out in the mail. cost me about 500. and i didnt get one call. just advertise in yellow pages and maybe newspaper. and get your truck lettered and get shirts made up. and invoices too and business cards, and you will be on your merry way.
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    #1 NO PARTNERS!!!! Take it from someone who did it twice, and will never do it again.

    #2 When you are starting out, you gotta advertise non-stop. I don't like advertising either, but it has to be done if you want to succeed. There are cheap ways to advertise and get your name out, but you have to put in the time to do it, especially if you don't have a large budget for advertising.
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    I've posted replys like this all the time. Check out the elements of business forum or just starting out forum. There are a a ton of reasons why you shouldn't start a partnership. Check your local phone book and see how many business that have partnerships are still are. You may find a few but there arn't many. PARTNERSHIPS ARE BAD!!


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