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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by sgl41377, Jul 22, 2004.

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    I currently use my cell phone as a business phone number. I also use my home phone in some cases. I would like to get a line in the local yellow pages, but do not want my home phone as the phone number associated with my business. Any suggestions......

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    To get a phone number listed in the business directory with the phone company, you need to call your local service and get the number designated as such. I don't know if you can use any cell phone number for this purpose. Typically, it costs a little more than a household phone number. Although Verizon called me a couple weeks ago offering flat rate business calling. I had been paying 9 cents per call on top of the regular rate.

    We had a second phone line in our house that we used for internet access. When we started the business I had Verizon change it from a home number to a business number. Its not that much more expensive, maybe $10-$15 per month. (For me anyway, running solo)
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    If you have/use COX at home (any broadband) you can run up to 4 separate phone numbers on the same line or set different room jacks to the different phone numbers. Completely different number/same physical phone. The business line rings with a different tone that you select.

    It pays to have cable TV and internet already :D
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    Get a second line but go through the business services devision of you phone co. If you still want to be reachable in the field have the number forwarded to you cell phone. Personaly I have a office in and industrial area, I have a phone line and a fax line. Don't need a full time secretary at this point. So I have the number forwarded to my cell. I have nextel so all incoming calls are free. If I don't want to answere it I can stell screen my calls using the caller ID on my cell. This is how I do it.
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    What Groundcover Solutions suggested is what many of our clients do as well.

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