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Hey Guys!
I am wanting to make my lawn care business proffesional and commercial. Currently I am 15 years old and have 15 lawn customers in my neighborhood. Most are on a bi-weekly schedule and let me know if it needs to be done. I will be putting them on a consistnent schedule starting this spring, then bi-weekly in summer. I get paid after the job is over. Most of the yards I priced on a whim when I was 9-13 years old! Dont brush me off because I'm 15. Ive done tonns of research and know the lawn industry is a number scrunching game. @PROCUT1 great article, "How to bid commercial accounts for real". As I am getting older I dont want to get a job as a cashier, Id rather get paid the same wage while getting biceps, blisters, a good tan, and equity from my business. However I have some problems with my set up. So I am completely redoing my business structure, while keeping some things the same. I have a rough plan, tell me what yall think. Please read carefully, and I need honest answers!

1. Company Goals
A. 2020 Gross $525 year round a week from residential properties.
Have 1 commercial property.
Go Legal
Have Commercial equipment
Protocol for pricing
Expand services

B. Goals 2025
Gross $300000 a year
Have website
Mechanic shop
Company truck
Have 0 turns.

Does this seem realistic? Small engine repairs is a big demand in my area so I will explore it in future.
2. Equipment Expenses
A. This is my calculations sonfar:

By the gallon
4 stroke gas

$2.63 gas
+$1.75 ethanol guard
=$5.00 rounding

2 stroke gas

=5.50 rounding

$.04 for 1' weed eater string

Contractor bags $1.62

Does this sound right?

Per yard expenses are $2 for equipment only. Any other equipment expenses?

3. How to charge
My goal is $30 net an hour. This is my formula for residentials:

Time × 30 man hour + 5 hour expenses × 20% business profit + TAX

Time(30+5)20% = $42+ tax

So my goal should be to make $45 a man hour. Is this reasonable? What are taxes for texas? How should i charge overgrown yards? I heard about a 3 times the price you normally charge rule....

4. Services
Pressure washing
Fence repairs
Weed control
Spot pest control


Wayer features

What permits are needed? Irragation is the big one, do i need a plumbers liscence?

6. Uniqueness
Full service yards only
Weekly schedule only

To make my company unique i want to do full service only. Any certificates that would help? Such as arborists? I want to have a certified specialists.

7. Pay
A. I think getting payed monthly is best. What yall think? My problem is how do you price year round? Its hard in spring but easy in winter....

8. Labor
I seperated labor from expenses but i know i cant donthis forever.
This is how ive been doing it:
20% goes to business i get rest.

I prefer paying by the job than by the hour because it encourages you to work faster. Now that i lnow my expenses i should increase it. To expenses+20%? What do yalll think a better % is for this setup? The business recovers expenses plus a 20% growth....

Thanks for reading! I hope to have some anwsers!