business plan? how long?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by JFGauvreau, Dec 26, 2009.

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    Just need to ask how long a business plan should be for a small property maintenance company, only summer, 2 services to offer, nothing going on in winter.
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    Depends on the purpose of the business plan. Are you trying to raise money/get a loan or are you just trying to get your head organized? If you're just trying to get your head organized you can throw out a lot of things in typical biz plan templates.

    Focus on what you will be doing and who you will be doing it for. How will you help these people/companies and why do you want to help them? Do you really like these people? Do you really want to work for them? Do these people really want help enough that they'll pay you enough for it that you can build a business around it? Is this a critical problem for them? How are they thinking about this problem from their perspective and how can you position yourself to be a solution to that problem?

    How will you market it and what will the marketing cost? What are the ongoing marketing costs? How much time do you think you'll spend selling each account? What is the acquisition cost for each account? Etc.

    Also focus on operations, competition, and cashflow. Logistically how will you help them? What are all of the moving parts that will be required to service the accounts and how will you keep those parts organized?

    How will all of the costs factor into pricing? What is your competition charging?

    Can you exist mostly on cashflow/savings or will you find holes in time where you have more going out than coming in? And are you OK with that/how can you fill those holes?

    Those are some of the more critical aspects I have to keep straight in my head as I run my business. And the business plan is a living document that I review and think about at least quarterly and take a hard look at and make refinements yearly to make sure I'm doing work I enjoy and the market hasn't changed in a way that I need to refactor for.

    I have several word/excel docs that make up my business plan/operational plan. None are more than a few pages long. But I don't borrow money so it's just for keeping things straight in my head and thinking through new services/markets/marketing opportunities.
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    Well thx a lot for your info bud!

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