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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by mike33087, Jan 13, 2007.

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    okay, i have decided to start my own property maintenace company and was looking into getting a small business loan from my local bank. i talked with one of the reps there and she told me that i would need to bring a business plan in with me when i meet with the loan officer.

    so my question is, how exactly do you form a business plan, what is one and does any one have one that i could look at to see what i need to do?


    you can email any to
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    Look up business plans on internet and you should get several ideas. A business plan is something that guides your business in a direction you choose with goals along the way you expect to achieve. A good plan will include : your target market, one year goals and long term outlook. Banks will want to know your projected income in years 1st 2nd and so one up to 5yrs or longer in some cases.
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    Please don't take this the wrong way, but if you need to ask this question it's time to employ someone to do this. Finals at school are a breeze compared to preparing a business plan. Here is the index of ours. I cannot share the body:

    Table of Contents
    Executive Summary 1-1
    Mission 2-1
    Company Overview 3-1
    Legal Business Description 3-2
    Strategic Alliances 3-3
    Product 4-1
    Current Product 4-2
    Research and Development 4-3
    Production and Delivery 4-4
    The Market 5-1
    Market Definition 5-2
    Marketing Plan 5-4
    Sales Strategy 5-5
    Distribution Channels 5-6
    Advertising, Promotion, PR 5-7
    Competition 6-1
    Risk/Opportunity 7-1
    Management Team 8-1
    Capital Requirements 9-1
    Exit/Payback Strategy 9-2
    Financial Plan 10-1
    Assumptions 10-2
    Financial Statements 10-3
    Conclusion 10-4
    Exhibits 11-1
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    How old are you?

    If you have assets, or a good credit score, I would recomend getting a sign on loan or a second mortgage. That would be the easiest route to get started. Lawn care companies don't cost that much to start. I figure you could get a really good start with $20k. That is a good start, but $10-15k would be sufficient if need be.

    Those numbers are starting full time, it would probably be best to get a full time job and start it part time until you have a good customer list.
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    If you can, I think a line of credit is better than a loan especially for surprises.

    Also, one of my biggest mistakes last year was to focus all my time on making money from spring clean ups. I actually did well, at least in numbers of jobs but I didn't focus any time on getting Lawn care customers lol. I still got 25 or so, half of them lowballed (from lack of knowledge). First year was primarily a learning experience and I learned that I need to learn a lot more. :)

    Do not by toro recyclers, or toro super recyclers even if the look nice. both mine fell apart on me. Nothing short of commercial for me this year.

    Last spring, even before I bought lawn mowers I bought a Power rake, Power broom and rakes (for spring clean-up).
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    There are two sources of great information above the SCORE link previously mentioned that I have found.

    One being the Small Business Administration found at

    American Express also has a good ammound of information on the subject this can be found at

    Many companies have come out with software you may be interested in as well. Some priced below $20. But when looking into a software pay attention to the features and make sure it will perform the way you want it to before purchasing it.
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    thank you all so far

    to answer some questions:
    i am 20, i have been working in this industry the last 6 years and have decided to go at it on my own. offering landscaping services , lighting and snow removal. the lighting i am learning from my father (journyman electrician) hes dont a lot of it.

    basically i would like to get 10k to purchase some equipment to start
    i have a small condo association and most of my plow customers so i know that there will be money comming in. i just need to make a professional plan that will look good on paper to help get the banks attention that i am serious and professional. i am not planning on being your average joe with a pickuop and a mower... i love this industry and couldnt imagine working anywhere else. as far as a full time job. i work nights doing security for a few construction company on the side it pays the bills for now. thanks for all your help and keep the info rolling.

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