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    Can someone help me out with like an outline on writing up a business plan???What needs to be included in it? What info? I am clueless where to start..Thanks
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    Google it. I pretty much had a whole college class on this topic. There's tons of things that should be in it. Marketing, Pricing, Objectives, SWOT analysis, financial sheets, etc....Look it up
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    Buy Business Plan Pro. It will walk you through the entire process and provide samples.
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    Business Plans contain 7 basic elements and are written in a 3rd person format. (so dont say I, we etc) A good reference site for writing a business plan would be I wouldnt reccomend using Business Plan Pro software, they leave out some VERY important information and my banker friends think it's a joke when someone comes in with a Pro Bplan. So here's a outline to follow and use these as formats for your plan.

    -Title page (list your business name, address, numbers, website etc and who YOU are)
    -Cover letter-Include who you are and EXACT amount of funding you are seeking
    -1) Executive Summary (do this last, its a couple paragraphs on all the other sections of the plaN)
    -2) Product/Service- Clearly and technically describe all your products and services in GREAT detail (include pictures etc)
    -3) Market- Include your Total Market, Primary Market, Target Market and Competition in this section.
    -4) Facility Section- Give a physical address, sketch out a floor plan of your facility on graph paper, list your Capital Equipment you need in a list with prices
    -5) Sales- List how you intend to advertise, promote, distribute your services, List all different forms of media and how much it cost and who your using.
    -6) Management- List all your credentials, what qualifies you to run this business, any relevan expericemce, list who makes the decisions in your company, who your Accountant, lawyer, Insurance companies are and any pertners etc.
    7) Financials- This is a *****..... You need to list financial FUTURE projections-FOR 3 YEARS!! This includes a profit/loss 3 year projection, Break even 4 year, balance sheet 3 years and Key business ratios as well as a pro forma cash flow summary showing how you are going to use EVERY dime you are asking for.

    Basically, thats the outline of a GOOD business plan, it is ALSO the exact format EVERY SINGLE LENDER IN THE US IS LOOKING FOR! If its not in this format, chances are VERY GOOD they will not review or even consider your plan, so you really need to pay attention on how you put it together, if you dont understand the terms i used, go to the library and do a little research, or PM me and i might be able to help you put something together. Hope this helped.

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    I'm not sure how much business plan pro is but I used it for a class project a year ago and the BP seemed cut and try with not much personal touch. Go to a used bookstore and get a cheap textbook based on this topic would be my opinion. I have one favorite teacher from college who I still email whenever I have a question and have him proof anything I do just to get advice from someone who knows the textbook methods of business.

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    Now this may sound stupid but do I really need to do this if im going to be doing this myself? And who is getting this plan and the purpose of writing one?

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    The people who will judge your business plan are often the reason you absolutely need one such as banks. The the person who will use the business plan is you, it will help you set goals and meet all the different parts of the whole business spectrum other then just mowing lawns, because theres a lot more to running a succesful full time business then just the work itself.
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    Couldnt agree more with MOWEMJEFF..... The business plan is not only a tool to assist you in getting financing, it is ALSO a tool to help you grow a REAL business. A very famous line around the business world relating to the writing of a business plan is this.... "If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail" It really is just that simple. For instance.....

    What do you do with your business if the phone isn't ringing and you dont have any customers wanting there lawn cut because it hasnt rained for 2 weeks?? Your plan should have this covered and you can see EXACTLY what you planned on doing in this down time.

    What do you do when you have $5500 bucks total at the end of the year and are worried about the winter months?? Again, look in your plan and see how you budgeted for this and what you need to live on and do for the winter months.,...

    Only 2 generic examples but you will quickly see how valuable a tool this can be if you only take the time and put the effort into doing it now. Hope this helps.

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    Thanks for the replies....Is there any programs that does it for me all I have to do is enter the information I want. I am not that good with stuff like this...thanks matt

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