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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by smithf36, Oct 27, 2000.

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    We all know that franchises such as McDonalds do well. They do well because the system and business plan work and have a proven track record.

    At this time I am in the process of putting together a system and plan of my own. I would like to have it ready for next year. I intend on changing some of my operations. What I am looking for is information on how to put together a system and plan, related to the green industry, that works. Buying a franchise would of course be easier, however I find the challenge of creating my own system rather appealing. I hope I can get your input.


  2. geogunn

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    joe--I am unable to help with your request as you presented it.

    I consider myself successful, however I did not initiate my operation with a business plan. I have always liked machinery and well kept residential lawns. then I got laid off my job after 15 years.

    after a period of time which I need not go into, I bought some used equipment and went to work. it wasn't easy at first but there is a market for our service. after a short while I was in business for myself, even legal with business liscense, insurance and sales tax.

    the second year was better than the first, the third better than the second. I'm not grossing a million in sales a year but I'll bet my profit margin is hard to beat.

    do I have a business plan? no. but I plan to keep doing what I'm doing. I want my sixth year to be better than my fifth. good luck.

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    Business plans and operational pans are key to any business success. It' taken me over 2o years to get an operational and sales plan down. It should be ready by Jan. Check back then. Good Luck.
  4. JimK

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    Hi, Jim at TURF Magazine here. We also publish an ag magazine and a magazine for the forest products industry.

    And I just finished our "business plan & budget" for 2001.

    For me it takes (1) inventory of how THIS year is going along with (2) plans & goals I think our company can reach.

    I tend to anticipate sales on the conservative size and put in way too much for expense -- Sorta a worst case scenerio.

    Funny thing ... it always seems to work out somewhere in between.
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    See if you have a local SBDC - that's how I got a lot of ideas and help with my plan. It typically is very reasonable in cost or even free. They have a lot of other classes in marketing, web site development, advertising, etc.

    Best of luck in your endeavor...

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