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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Dynamic, Feb 3, 2008.

  1. Dynamic

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    I have been looking at generic lawn care business plans that you fill in to your operation but many cost to much or else just seem completely unreasonable. Maybe I am starting to sound like some customers (want million dollar work for 5 bucks). So I was wondering if any of you have made or are able to share any business plans that I can adapt?
  2. PlatinumLandCon

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    What is your reason for a business plan? My plan isn't really a typical business plan. It is a 1 page list of goals and plan of action. A "business plan" is pointless (unless looking for money from professional places (banks, gov, etc)) because its just a long, tiresome document that nobody wants to look at. What is the purpose of making a business plan? Is there a reason or is it just because that's what you think should be done?

    I assure you that if my plan was longer than a page, it would never be read or updated.

    This is an example of what a bank would look for:
  3. Dynamic

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    It was not for loans, I just thought that it would be a good way to plan out what I want to do with my business and exactly what GOALS I wanted to achieve. So maybe your right, Its a set of goals. Is this just ideas that you have come up with or is it a spread sheet of some sort with fill ins.
  4. PlatinumLandCon

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    Mine is really simple. All I have is a bullet-list of goals for this year, next year, 5 years from now then I have a list of ways to achieve this. I look it over and edit/add stuff almost weekly. "business plans" as most people think of them are overrated and time-consuming. For me, its just a place to organize thoughts and goals for my business.

    Just as a side note, may I ask how old you are?
  5. Dynamic

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    Thanks, I appreciate the insight. Have you started marketing yet? Where does most of your business come from, Residential or Commercial?
  6. PlatinumLandCon

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    I do all residential since I'm such a young guy. I don't have the size or credibility to get into the commercial work yet. I have about $20k worth of jobs in the works for the spring just from word-of-mouth. I also have an almost unlimited amount of potential jobs based on me doing quality work in the first few jobs I do for these people (custom home builders, contractors, roofers, etc). These 7 different contacts need over $5mil in landscape work over the course of the year, so for each guy to send $5-10k worth of work my way is no big deal. It is, however, a MASSIVE benefit for me. Its all about who you know.
  7. dutchhook

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    Hey Dynamic,
    Business plans aren't always for loans. It can be used as a blueprint for you and your employees to follow.

    just responded to your private message.
    I have a 28 pager for you to look at.
    When I get your email address, I'll forward a pdf, and instructions for how I got this one.

    Steve Hoogenakker

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