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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by CAPS, Oct 10, 2000.

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    Yes--sort of. The company has been in business for 5 years, I have been there for 3. We will gross over $500,000 this year and are going through restructuring. We are now to a point in which we need to specify where we go from here.

    I'd like to add that I have really enjoyed reading all of the discussions tonight. I am a first time visitor.
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    Kimmer, Power Point was only used for the Presentation. Word and excel were used in the hard copy, which is 60 pages long, plus 40 pages of Appendix's.

    I read in early posts, that someone did not need a business plan. I will say any type of plan is better than no plan, if you plan to succeed.

    The plan should not be written for VC's but for yourself, it helps you see problems ahead of time and sets the needed goals to improve your business and your life.

    Although I don't require VC funding, I do make presentations for funding with VC's and Angles. They are very helpful in pionting out problems in your plan and business that you may overlook. These people are experts in business, you can not find better advice for free.
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    I should have operations plan avaliable in Jan or sooner I hope.
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    Where in N.W. Fl. are you located, I'm in Southeast Al.
    Good luck on your new life.



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    We don't chop hoses?????????????????

    I don't get it!

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    The main reason I got into Lawn Care was because I manage apartments with my wife.....Well after seeing this one guy we hired to cut our lawn, a good $250.00 per cut, he would run over all our hoses! I would go out to run the sprinklers and all of a sudden I would have ten sprinklers instead of two! Not to mention doing burnouts on our driveway to rid his mower of mud, throwing hoses onto little bushes AND one of his men urinating next to our building! Well, I figure if a guy can run a business that unprofessional and make money, I figure I'll be RICH by the time I retire.
    So the "We don't chop hoses!" thing is kind of a personal reminder about "JOB QUALITY". Hope no one took it personal, it makes me laugh to think about that character!

    No cHoPpInG here ;)......
    Rich D.
    Ideal Green
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    Now that's funny!!!

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