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Business Promotional Items


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Im going to purchase some promotional items to give to my clients. I think this will be good to get my business name out and about in the area (Branding I believe its called) and reward my faithful clients at the same time. Anyone else do this?
I am going to order magnets that look like my business cards, t-shirts with company name and phone number on them...maybe hats or calenders. (I was told the trick with calenders is to pick a style people will actually want to use all year).
I am thinking about getting notepads with company logo on them to giveaway also. These could also be used to stick on customers doors like I read in a thread on here. I found a company located at www.proforma.com/dhjpromotions if anyone is interested. They seem to have anything you can imagine and answer all my questions right away.
Has anyone else used similar things and noticed increase in business? I know some LCO's give coupons and stuff away but I figure if I give them something to advertise for me at the same time im helping my bottom line.
I'll let you know how it turns out.


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t-shirts are nice i just picked mine up two days ago and when i was wearing them yesturday stand in line for ice cream someone ask me for a business card because there grandma needs someone bad to mow there yard


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Thanks Team Gopher,
That was a good article. Thank God for the "law of Riciprocity"!!
You always seem to be a wealth of knowledge on this site.
Thanks again.


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I have seen a few threads referencing "free". Some for and some against. If you are starting out, and are trying to build client base isn't giving something like the 2nd mow free a potentially good tool or does it smack of desperation? I would even be willing to go farther like a 5th or 7th mow as well. I am struggling with this because on one hand it does seem to indicate a bit of desperation but on the other hand the world we live in is a dog eat dog competitive world. If this is what it takes to get someone to bite, I think I am willing to do it. You cant show them your quality work if they won't call. My intent is to start out small this year and build a small loyal base up and be ready to hit it hard next year with added preparation over the winter.