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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by dmk395, Nov 8, 2003.

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    For some of you who have been in business for years with employees....In your first years in business did you take on all work that was offered...meaning some jobs that you felt you may have been over your head in? For instance say you have some experience with tree work....but don't feel comfortable taking down a tree over Mr. Smiths you gamble or be smart and refer the work to someone else. I don't sub out, because have had problems before so simply pass the number on to someone who may be better than me at a certain task. The reason I ask is that maybe I should hire someone older and more experienced than me next year..I am 24....someone who has done these type jobs....will that be worthwhile in your opinion? A heavier salary, but ability to take on bigger $ jobs.
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    you have to judge the type of work and the liability involved when starting out. Also what will your insurance cover. Retaining walls, taking down large trees, snow removal of large commerical lots, I either do two things: sub contract or just pass it on to someone that I know that is qualified and issured for those things. You should sell services at what you are good at and what you are qualified in.

    Don't be a "Yes" man to the customer. Basically, you have to know when to say no and not say yes we can handle that just because you want the extra work or income that can be dangerous to you or the customer.
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    In the beginning (sounds familiar), took on all work. That didn't last long, mostly culling bad customers.
    I don't sub out either, but I do refer other people/business's that I've experience with, I'll give customer their name and number. Sometimes I'll even call for them, depending on situation I can get customer serviced a little quicker at times. But I do not collect any fees, just believe it'll all wash out in the end, and it's for work I want nothing to do with.
  4. dmk395

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    More or less what I have been doing, just wanted to check, thanks.
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    I wouldn't recomend hiring someone too much older than yourself at this stage. Why? You will most likely end up butting heads.
    Look for advice from elders but don't hire unless you are sure the relationship of owner/employee is understood.

    We don't sub either......Get to know people in other businesses that will compliment what you are capable of and you will typically find that the refering of work is reciprical.
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    You should never bid on work you don't feel totally comfortable doing. The only exception is if you are planning to hire out for the part you don't know how to do. But you'd need to have a good woking relationship with a sub in that area first.

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