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Business Software Update?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by cbservicesllc, Mar 2, 2013.

  1. CNYScapes

    CNYScapes LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 916

    Ive got one season down on SAP and have been pretty happy with it. I have had a few issues but none too bad. I run it on Firefox and that seems to help. I just bought 3 tablets and have high hopes for the mobile app coming out.

    I did take a long look at Real Green last month and the marketing portion of it is the best around. That is really the only thing I think they have up on service autopilot. Plus Real Green does not integrate with quickbooks, Im not really sure how that would work out.

    If Jonothan EVER actually gets the marketing going, SAP would be hard to beat. IMO thats my 2cents
  2. GaryBK

    GaryBK LawnSite Senior Member
    from Canada
    Messages: 274

    Real Green doesn't integrate with QuickBooks???
    Posted via Mobile Device
  3. GreenGuysLC

    GreenGuysLC LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 366

    SAP has came a long way, but the last update seemed to really take away more than it gained. It is now causing me more work in some areas. It has great email invoicing, and very simple credit card processing. I dont use the client portal but am considering it. Just dont like the added cost. And why SAP wants to charge 20$ per user?? That really gets me but I do have added users on it. Overall it is still the best one I have found but I am always looking for something better.
  4. germann

    germann LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 268

    We are 10 year Qxpress users and really like it. It is affordable, syncs with QuickBooks so all your accounting stays the same, and works great for maintenance. Most accountants want to see a major program used for book keeping-I would not recommend using anything other than QuickBooks or other major players for this function. Lawn apps, mowing, you name it-all are perfect on qxpress. We run 700k in revenue with no problems. There is a multi-day project option with it. We seldom do multi-day projects (think landscape design build-a 10,000 patio, etc.) The little I have scheduled multi day projects, I am not real fond of the way it works. Could just need educated. If you are primarily maintenance, it is super.
    It has a STEEP learning curve. Any program that has the flexibility to solve all the problems you face will. You need to be prepared to invest serious office time into it's operation. If you are not good at regular, day to day data entry, discipline yourself! The time savings, reduced headaches, and absolute ease of use are only realized if you use it properly 100% of the time. If you are lazy/sloppy with office work, nothing will fix this-the problem is you. I cannot see us living with out it, but we are very particular in data entry. For example, I can enter a new client in 2-3 minutes, process a mowing route with 15-20 properties at the end of the day in 5 minutes, and run monthly invoices at the end of a month for hundreds of clients in 1-2 hours, including emailing those that want emailed, printing those that are printed. For a 700k maintenance operation, I am the only office staff and I do all the sales too. A customer can call me and request a one time mowing a year from now, and within two minutes I can have it scheduled in a manner that we cannot miss when the time comes. I can schedule a 6 step application program in 5 minutes for an existing client. It has multiple ways of sorting-our snow route is different than our normal sorting route-you just assign a secondary number to each snow client, and two clicks re-sorts the snow route to it's different sequence. Again, this program is perfect for residential and commercial maintenance of all kinds.
    They have user conferences, and I would highly recommend going.
    My other gripe is their mobile software is not usable. We want more mobile options, and are getting impatient for their release of a new setup...
    Hindsite is used by friends of ours in multi-million dollar operations. It has a perfect mobile setup, and is from what I know awesome too. I would check both out.
  5. Service.com

    Service.com Sponsor
    Messages: 804

    The older stuff never keeps up with the new age! Locqus launched a few months ago and was created with my lawn company in mind. We are a completely free app and web based system for job, time and payment management. We would love to know any feedback on features you would like to implement over the next couple months. We currently have QB integration coming in 2-3 weeks and a "routing" section by mid spring. Completely free, easy to setup and on ramp, worth a look. Run it through my 3 truck crew and love it.

    www.locqus.com. Paul@locqus.com for any questions.
  6. Trader Rick

    Trader Rick LawnSite Member
    Messages: 50

    What was your impression of Hindsite?
    Posted via Mobile Device
  7. Fresh_Cut

    Fresh_Cut LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 346

    That's exactly what PayPal charges me now, I have their "PAY NOW" button my website.

    Also, what do you mean when you say "customer portal"? So the customer can log in and see their account, billing, payments, schedule, & notes?

    I'm not so concerned about that.
  8. cbservicesllc

    cbservicesllc LawnSite Member
    Messages: 106

    I haven't tested Hindsite yet... I use SAP now and I'm getting tired... how about you?

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