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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by jake65, Oct 26, 2006.

  1. jake65

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    Here is my scenerio:

    I currently work a 8-5 desk job. I am planning on quiting my job next spring - assuming I have enough lawns to provide me with my current houshold income to cover the expenses on my behalf. With the business plan I will draft over the winter will help me somewhat project how many lawns will be needed - and how to obtain them. I have a side biz with just 6-7 lawns I have been mowing over the summer. I have 23 lawns on paper for the start of the new season next year by word of mouth. Well, I was approached by a local business man in my town I know well. His offer to me was to provide me with a 1 year salary that I am making at my current job. He will provide me with the lawns next season he will obtain on his own not including mine. (how many- would probably be key question). He has offered to pay the payments on my new Mower I purchased this summer, gas, and any maintenance on my vehicle. I will owe him 60 hrs a week for the whole 1 year contract (April-07 to April-08) He also owns alot of rental properties I will be working on when lawn season ends and unable to mow due to weather to cover the 60 hrs. He will be handing over the properties to me free of charge after the 1 year is up for the following season april 08. So, not sure if I should just go on my own and get my own lawns or accept this offer which is suppose to jump start my business without taking a huge risk if\when i quit my job next spring. I

    Any thought would greatly be appreciated!!

    Thanks Jake
  2. d&rlawncare

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    What is your income that he is going to match?
  3. LB1234

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    Is he paying you a 40hr salary to work 60hrs a week? Sounds to me its a little off. So he will be underpaying you?

    You will never be able to work 60hrs a week for one year. No way. That's 10hours a day, 6 days a week for 52 weeks. What happens when it rains for 2-3 days.

    Without knowing all the details I would say no way. Sounds to me that this guy just wants to get some work done on his rental properties for next to nothing.

    FATWEASEL LawnSite Senior Member
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    The term, indentured servant, comes to mind. What happens if you or he reneges on the deal?

    From what you posted, it sounds like you are trading one job for another with only promises at the end. If he doesn't follow through with his side of the deal, you'll find yourself with no yards and no job. If you owe him 60 hours a week, you won't be able to even do the 7 yards you have now let alone the 23 you have planned for next year.

    What do you see as the benefits by doing business with this guy?
  5. MattsMowing3535

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    Keep your job threw mid spring. See how many lawns you get, mow from 5-7/8 after work and then mow on saturday (maybe sunday) Slowly get more lawns nad then quit your job or see if there is a part time position.
  6. Liquidfast

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    Hmmmmm. Pay you your current salary for one year? Pay for all of your maintenance costs? Pay for all of your gas?

    Ive seen that movie indecent proposal............................................have you?
  7. Tim Wright

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    Looks like he is going to own you.

    Be Careful.

    You might want to opt on going as hard on your own as you can but count on building slow and steady.

  8. jake65

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    It also doesn't allow me to build my own customer base within that 60 hours. He said I would have to mow outside that 60 hrs for the customers I obtain on my own. Ok, I admit this whole deal benefits our local business man. OK, just suppose If any of you were given this opportunity, what would be your counter offer?
    Thanks so far for your input!

  9. noseha

    noseha LawnSite Senior Member
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    I would say go out on your own big boy! you can do it

    ED'S LAWNCARE LawnSite Senior Member
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    I would continue with part-time until you have the customer base to go fulltime. Now with that being said answer these questions honestly and it will tell you which direction.

    1. How much is your salary now and how many hrs do you have to work to
    earn it.
    2. Does your current job cover the bennies (health ins, vac, etc...) will the
    businessman be covering these in the future, if not can you afford paying
    for those on your current salary.

    The message here is he is taking advantage of you, but if you still want to do it here are a few things you can throw in.

    The business man pays for your health ins at least 80% after all you are working 60 hrs/wk.

    To protect yourself have a "severence package" thrown in if he renegs on the deal he has to pay you 26 weeks of salary.

    These need to be done legally with a lawyer.

    Business deals need to be made so it's a win/win situation right now all he is offering you is payment on the machine with backend promises, and he is getting 50% more work.

    As I'm writing this something else popped up you could always hire help for the 60 hrs of work at a much lower rate and still build your business, I would still want the severence package though.

    Just my .02

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