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Business structure

J Berry

LawnSite Member
What would be the most common business structure
set up for a one man lawn care operation?
A.) Sole Proprietorship
B.) Limited Liability Company
C.) S-Corp
D.) Other

None of the above

Just wondering which maybe best

Thanks for any info Jim~~

Oh yea I'm not with the IRS



LawnSite Silver Member
Central CT
Most common? Sole proprietership.

Best? hee hee, please keep arms and legs inside the car while the ride is in motion ;)


LawnSite Member
Seattle WA
Do you already have your company in operation. If not or if there is nothing official you should talk to your accountant, get one if you don't. Me and my partner acted before we should have and will eventually have to pay for it. My accountant told us that there are benefits to all of your options as well as drawbacks, but the overall best way to go is an s-corp. But, as I said talk to an accountant first, they passed the tests for a reason.


LawnSite Member
St. Paul,MN.
Sole Prop. for now.Am seriuosly looking into LLC for reasons previously stated. Simpler to maintain and the benefits of decreased liability.