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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Staffordnurseries, Nov 8, 2004.

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    Now perhaps someone has asked but I am thinking going after business supporting the landscape business. I already have a part time Christmas tree farm here in western new york. For this I have invested into some heavier equipment than what I normally see here for beginners
    Kubota 4310 with loader,
    30" tree spade,
    5 foot tiller,
    single bottom tree planter
    12" post hole digger, plus 4 and 6 inch hand held power head type
    Ford NAA with 6 foot brush Hog,
    plow disk etc.
    International backhoe ( real heavy, hard to transport)
    couple of plow trucks (Chev with a fisher, ford with a western)
    flatbed dump truck-2 ton, another one ton being put together
    Two 50" dixie choppers to do my lawn and a remote lawn at the family farm.
    Small self propelled brush hogs ( 24 inch DR, 42 inch brush hog)
    Many hedge trimmers including a 84" BD with backpack motor
    ATV with 25 gal sprayer plus it pulls the small brush hog

    I have about 10,000 tree planted with about 500 6 foot plus. Many coming that I can sell . I have started planting oak and maples for the same reason. Would start planting ornamentals if I knew what you guys are buying. Since I have the family farm along with my siblings land is available to get bigger

    Plain and simple I am doing this because I work in a manufacturing plant that has dropped from 4000 employees to about 600 employees. I dont think it will be long before I get a pink slip also. My thoughts were to work through established guys offering the stuff I grow and the equipment to handle the overload. Perhaps even sub work. This would allow me to get inside the business while still working at my current job.

    What are your thoughts do I have services you guys want or need? The Christmas tree business is fine but if need be I would like to work this equipment line harder for more profit. They say to succeed you need to know what your customer wants...what do you lawn guys and landscapers need from this type of business?
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    I see my post isnt geting too much activity. Maybe I should be targeting the landscapers as the ones who are buying the things you put in the ground. It just strikes me there would be a need to fill rather than going head to head on the retail end of the business.

    Beyond the spruces and furs I already have growing what is the next most important? Bushes, hedges what types are hot? Before I tie up real estate with a certain plant or green houses I thought I would check what is selling.

    When you guys do an install does it include yard plants etc? Well any help would be appreciated
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    Sorry to tie up space, this same posting is in the landscape section and is much more active

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