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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Greg313, Feb 13, 2006.

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    I also posted this in the "Just Starting" Forum but thought it might be better here.

    When I helping my step-dad Sunday and we were talking about me setting up my business and I told him in a couple weeks I'm going to register my name and get a tax id#. He said be careful when I get the tax# that my utlities (phone, electric, etc.) at home will be double or triple in price because of it being a business. Now at first I'm going to have to run things out of the home until I can get a place of business.
    If I register my name and tax id# using a P.O. Box will the price of utilities and such go up? Also, how about a cell phone # for the business instead of a land line? I'm trying to get everything legit before I start and was just wondering how to go about things like this.
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    What an absolute CROCK! The power companies, etc have NO idea if you have a tax ID # or not and even if they did they can't charge you anymore becasue of that! My shop pays the exact same rate per KW hour that my home does....

    If you get a "deicated phone line" in a business name then yes it will have a higher rate. If you get it in your personal name then it will not have a higher rate, BUT you also will not have a business listing in the phone book.

    But none of it has anything to do with having a FEIN.

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