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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Kawizx62003, Jul 19, 2013.

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    I am a one man operation, part time, for now. I have 0 accounts since I got business license and equipment (last week). I know a website is a "must have" these days, along with a Facebook account and a Twitter feed for me to post what I am doing every second of everyday! I kid. I can create a simple, professional looking, website myself. My total cost to get it up and running would be 20 bucks and my time. Now here is what Im worried about. What if I get TOO MANY calls for service. I don't want to say NO to much, but also can only devote about 10 to 15 hours a week on this.

    They say no question is a dumb one.....haha
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    When I first started I used Craigslist. I prolly got 75% of my calls from there. I still use CL to this day cause its free advertising. Website is a good idea but I only get about 5 calls from it in a year. Again this is just my preference. Word of mouth is the best advertising that you can get. Don't be afraid to turn down a yard if your not going to be profitable.
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    I have put one on CL. Only problem is there is so many on there that list the same thing so many times in a row, it pushes yours to the bottom of the list. Its annoying. Not to mention people on there offering dirt cheap prices. Hard to stand out on CL, I think.
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    A good logo for a picture will help. I also posted a couple pics of some of my equipment. Put down your insured that's a selling factor in my eyes. It's helped me when I first started out. I've only been in business since this year for myself. It's slowed way down on getting clients since most people already have there guy this year. I picked up 4 more accounts n the past 2 weeks though.
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    Chances are if you are in a market of any size the competition is going to be good to pull organically on google etc. This means that your chance of pulling great numbers of calls off a website is unlikely if you just design a page for $20.00 or so.
    Spending time understanding what is going to get your page to pull organically on the first page is going to take a lot of work to achieve, again this is assuming your market is of a decent size and competition is using the web. So I doubt that your page you design is going to pull too much work for you.
    With your limited time to work it is my humble opinion you would be better off with a marketing medium which will allow you to accomplish a very tight route such as door hangers/flyers. This will allow you to control what areas your services are marketed for your work. This will also allow you to accomplish more work in the time you can give to this business as you will limiting your travel time between stops.
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    I'd recommend posting your request in the web sub-forum.

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