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    After reading a lot of from Lawnsite, I am a bit discouraged about a lawn and landscaping business. It's seems to me that you work way to hard for little money. Unless you have large accounts you may as well hang it up. It seems like you spend more time and money trying to find accounts than actually gaining any money from them. You would need to do no less than 10 accounts a day to make any kind of cash. 50 accounts a week, seems extremely difficult to achieve according you all. It's a business that I really want to get into, but it seems pretty frustrating to make anything from it.
  2. tiedeman

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    I will be honest with you, I hardly made any money in this business starting out. I remember my first year I was $3,500 in the red. It takes time and experience to finally make a buck.

    I though have been in this business to long and I am trying to slowly get out of the maintenance side because the money isn't what it used to be. Uninsured companies are flooding the market driving prices down and it doesn't help with the already high insurance and gas prices.

    All I can say is do a lot of research not only in the lawn/landscaping field, but in the business field as well before taking the giant leap into this business
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    For what its worth, my advice would be to include other services in your business as well. for example, do you have a pressure washer? chain saw? can you do tree trimming, fence building, handyman service, painting, and maintenance repairs etc ? the more services you can do, the more all around business you will get. I try to cover all the "bases". why limit your potential?
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    It doesn't need to be a giant leap in this business, start small. What do you expect to make in your first year? How were you in the red? Did you over purchase?
  5. Mudmower

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    If this is how all folks starting out felt.......NO ONE would be around for the second year. What kind of money are you expecting to NET your first year???

    There are between zero and none, businesses that will return what I consider a liveable wage in their very first year i.e. NET $30,000 to 35,000. And this is not really a liveable wage if you are married and the wife doesen't work.

    ANY business takes time and dedication to make it work. You should back off and seriously ask yourself ......"Self....Will I want to be out here pushing this mower, running this weedeater, digging this dirt to plant flowers or shrubs, when it is 97 degrees and 90% humidity." If you answer no to this question, don't even start in this business. If it sounds good to you then go for it. But have realistic expectations. To be making $50,000.00 NET, give yourself minimum 4 FULL YEARS. You may get there much quicker, and more power to you if you do. But at least have REALISTIC EXPECTIONS.

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    How old are you guys? Im 50, a few years back my son mowed lawns, when he went to school I would start up in the spring and finish in the fall for him. I made good money. Thought about doing it again but I may be nuts?
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    I've been actually researching this business for about 3 months. I currently have 5 lawn accounts and am part time. I sell large computer servers by day. I am making this company a ton of money and I get paid well for it?? but reality is..........I am making THEM a lot of money. I am planning on going full time Lawn/Landscaping next spring and doing it right hopefully from the start. I/E Insured and heavy advertising!! and for the winter, I will by then have my contractors license for Home improvement.

    I know there's a ton of money out there!! Do quality and afforable work. and word of mouth alone will get you a ton of jobs!! It's paid off for me, I have to turn work away now and hopefully rekindle the relationship next spriing??

    If you are as motivated as these guys are on this site, you'll succeed. If your not sure?? and want to just give it a try? I would,nt waste your time.

    There is also lot of pride in owning your own Business!!!!'ll never ever have to ask for a vacation from anyone!!!!

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