Busted a gas meter

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Meier, Mar 26, 2003.

  1. Meier

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    Today I bumped my Ferris 32" Hydro into a customer's gas meter. I immediately smelled natural gas. Turned off the engine and there was a huge gas leak. Really hissing out of there.

    I rang the bell, the customer was home, and we called the gas company. Got the valve turned off with a cresecent wrench. The customer was ok with everything. I trimmed his bald cypress for free due to the inconvenience.

    Aside from just not being careless, how are most folks avoiding damage like this? Send a 21" around the edges of the lawn first, then use the bigger machines for the bulk of the lawn? Or just stay the heck away from all possible damage-able things like this (A/C units, shoddy fences & gas meters) with larger machines and do that much more work with the line trimmer?

    DFW, TX
  2. troblandscape

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    When I get a new account I always look over the property for parts of the house that could be damaged,,...... such as siding that comes down to ground level, central air conditioners, gas meters, if they could be damaged by a trimmer or mower I will sell a garden bed around these things to the customer so we don't have to come close. One small slip up can turn into you cutting a lawn for free for the whole season, just not worth it..... Thats time that I could be getting a XXX....:blush:
  3. Wesley's Lawn

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    I had a simlar thing happen the other day, i was trimming my neighbhors bushes and these things havent been trimmed in like 4 years and i got sick of it and asked them to do it. Will i didnt know that the gas meter was buried in one of them and i cut it but i didnt know it and a few mins later i heard a werid sound and looked and i had nicked the line going into the house. SO i ran and got some pliers and turned the valve off then had to go to the store and buy a coupoling and fix it. Thank god they make them lines out of copper so you dont get any sparks or i would of had a front row seat to a nice fireworks show.
  4. thfireman

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    I cut a propane line with hedge trimmers last year. I turned off the tank and called the owner. I took care of calling the gas company and lining up the repairs. Thankfully it was summer and they did not need heat. They had electric hot water so that was not a problem. Cost me $75.00 repairs and one free hedge trimming.
  5. Meier

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    I'm just concerned that with that 32" 13HP Ferris Hydro, this won't be the last of the damage. That thing could run over a fence, or though a fence, without a bit of hesitation.

    It's almost too much power.

    I'll get used to it and stop taking unnecessary chances with it. I'll start doing a lot more line trimming.

    But the help I get (once I get enough customers to justify hiring help)...that's the problem I see. This thing is like a bull in a china store.

    I'm wondering if it's not the lack of a zero turn radius on this thing that's causing me to bump into so much stuff.

    Anyone else have experience with the Ferris 32" Hydro?

    DFW, TX
  6. Sorry dude.....Lack of operator experience is the culprit, and will be the culprit to future damage.

    Once you learn how to use the machine, you won't damage anymore stuff.

    So that means stay away from stuff you can break with it.

    Nothing wrong with the mower, so don't blame it!!!!!!!!

    BTW we get as close as we can to stuff "without" breaking it. Then trim what is left.
  7. Ed Ryder

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    Agree with LGF. You haven't mastered the machine yet. Be careful.
  8. TaussigLawnCare

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    I just moved into a new shop and was backing my 76 chevy in and I didn't notic this meter thing there and backed over it then I was like what did I hit and pulled forward and pulled it out a foot lol doesn't look like anyhting is broke but I am calling them tomorrow to check it out. Funny part is that I didn't even feel it in that beast of a truck hehe.
  9. MOW ED

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    For reference once you break the line:

    Natural Gas goes UP

    Liquid Propane goes DOWN

    Once the flammable range is found it goes whoosh.

    That is the end of your day and the beginning of mine.
  10. ipm

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    This happend to me 2 times in one month. One was with an Excavator(the mark was 2 ft off) and the other time was with the back end of a Walker, and believe it or not, the same guy came to fix it.

    It helps to spray Round Up around areas like that or as mentioned above sell them a bed, etc.

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