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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by lawnranger44, Nov 7, 2002.

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    I hit a 3 or 4 inch metal stake with my honda 216 mulcher. Destroyed the blade and we're pretty sure it bent the crank shaft. My question is what is the price range i should look for to fix the crank shaft? The mower cost $450 new, should we think about buying a new one? Thanks for in advance for the input.
  2. Green Pastures

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    My shop charges a one hour labor rate to do an estimate, they'll call you with the results then you decide. I think it's worth that.
  3. Any play in the lower crank bearing?
    Put a balanced blade on it and see if it runs ok.
    If crank is bent I'm guessing replacement motor will be over 1/2 cost of new mower. I'd replace mower and use old one for parts.
  4. khouse

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    Bob's right, it's going to cost about 175 to 200 for a new crank installed. Use it for parts or sell it for parts.
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    If the crank is bent bent below the engine case and not real bad(about 1/2" to 3/4"), it can be straightened. One of the aftermarket suppliers sell a crank straightener. Sorry, don't remember which one. Have personally used one many times for commercial accounts as well as for homeowners.
    Device has plate that bolts to base of engine and a large jacking screw to bend shaft back. Device works well and returns shaft to within specs about 85% of the time.
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    I know there are lots of people nationally that straighten crankshafts. I will not ever, ever attempt to straighten one, nor work on one that has been straightened.
    I attended a factory school at Briggs & Stratton and the engineering guy in the crankshaft build area showed us what happens when a shaft is bent. It causes many fractures in the metal of the shaft. When you straighten it, you do not repair those cracks, they are still very apparent. What can happen is if you were to ever hit anything again, the blade and shaft can break off and become airborn at 3500 rpm or so. To me the whole safety vs peace of mind vs a few dollars, is no contest.

    Just my opinion!

    Parts Guy

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