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    So every day going to my office , I pass this PVB along side of the road that has my curiosity up. It is a piece of roadside plumbing art that is located at a sports complex I keep telling myself that I have to stop and get some pics of it to share with all you guys. But hey, what's the rush? it will be there forever, right? Well, earlier this week I drive by to see it dug up. OH NOOOOOOOOOOOO...they are going to destroy the artwork! Note to self: hurry up and get those pics before it goes away. So yesterday, I left for my commute a few minutes early to get some pics.

    So I get to the scene of the crime right around 7:00 am and park in a nearby parking lot and walk over to the art. I figure I could be in and out of there before anyone noticed.
    I take one picture and about that time from behind me I hear a man say "Are you going to make us famous?" I said, "The pictures might end up on the web." Oops....busted. The two guys who had worked for the school district had pulled up and were right behind me. I told the two guys that I hadn't ever seen such clever plumbing before, They explained that the two 2" meters used to have separate PVB's but that somebody had stolen them both...busted them off with a sledge hammer. They only had one PVB on hand, so they came up with this idea.
    I drove past it yesterday afternoon and they had done some "re-plumbing" on it. :laugh: Updates to follow...

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    Yikes. Better than a single, I guess, but certainly not taking full advantage of the water from both. Looking forward to the update (are they going to do it right?)
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    I might have asked them why they used SCH80 fittings and SCH40 pipe, pipe not wrapped, and why they didn't T below ground to avoid that above ground mess. Around these parts, that "art" would have failed a drive by inspection. I hope it was only temporary. :laugh: or :cry:
  4. Lite Headed

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    They told me the Sch 80 fittings were because they had problems with the Sch 40 fittings breaking. :laugh: It made me wonder if the fittings were breaking around the conjoined meters where the velocity must be in the 15 FPS range!

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    Need to work on their primer art. i prefer to speckle the whole pipe myself.
  6. Kiril

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    :laugh: Kinda makes you wonder what the thinking was there doesn't it?
  7. Wet_Boots

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    Why not use galvanized?
  8. BrandonV

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    glad you made it out alive!
  9. CA Green

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    Wow, taxpayers money at work... maybe tech was into horse racing?
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    That's awesome... someone brought S Florida ingenuity & workmanship to Texas

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