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    Here in North Carolina it dont matter if you buy from Joes 5&10 store or Lesco. If there is even 1% of any pesticide at all and you apply anywhere for any amount of money you better have a license. You can apply to your house only without a license or the job must be no charge. But who is going to do that?

    David :)
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    Applying pesticide on your customers lawn, for no charge, is not a loophole. It is illegal. My county agent told me this. County agents are a good source of info.

    I may well have been wrong about charter #'s on trucks, I don't know the laws for all states. If someone had a charter #, it would be wise to include it on all advertisements, as a way to get people to choose your services. Sort of like putting the word "insured" on an ad or truck.
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    Mr. ..........:

    To apply restricted use pesticides and herbicides on land other than your own you must have a commercial applicators certificate, however I know of no other license needed for a lawn service to apply fertilizers and other pesticides that the general public can buy.

    You would be wise to take the commercial applicators training if you are going to apply herbicides to lawns other than your own as a part of a business practice.

    You will need to contact ............at the Central Research and Extension center in Raymond to see when he will conduct the next Commercial Applicators training in this area. You can reach ......... at 601 857-..........

    this is a copy of the email reply from my county agent.

    i am currently waiting on a reply from the central research office on when and where i can take the test.
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    The inspector stopped me in the middle of a job 2 weeks ago wanting to see my business license and pesticide license...showed him the business license and told him I don't do any lawn fertilization, which is true...well, come to find out, there's another lco using my company name that has caused $6,000.00 woth of turf damage...Inspector told me they have been served with a cease order and they're still fertilizing and they're after them...he thought I was them until he saw the license...:angry:
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    Well of coarse i didn't get in trouble but instead thier helping me get certified, cool I guess lieing helped me for once, then again.... it wasnt the best route....

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