Busting my hump


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Did a small reno the other day. Lady had sewer line work done in her yard, and there was some damage. I needed to get it fixed for her. Took a prepay of $650.00 to start the job.
It was around 3:00 in the afternoon, I'm busting my hump to get done for the day, so I can get my other half, and she says, "Matt, you've been working hard all day, you can go home now."
"Home now?", I'm thinking. I want to get the job done, not leave and have to come back. She bothered me all day, I choked down the fudge she came out and gave me, tolerating her interruptions, now all I wanted to do was complete the job. So I just kept working till I got it done.
Does anyone else get irritated when a customer comes out and tells you to call it quits for the day? It was only 3:00pm when she said that, so it's not like I overstayed my welcome.



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I was cutting a guys grass today and him and his buddy were drinking beer and following me around and watching everything I did. They were within 10 yards of me or closer the whole time just pointing at things and making strange faces. It was kind of messing with my confidence until I finished and he gave me a nice tip!


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I love the people that get in the way and act like your job is just a hobby. Most of them have never worked a day in their lives, I honestly feel sorry for them. If people realized just how hard we work they might show us a little respect, but I doubt it. At least the lady was nice and offered you fudge.


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I love it when they ask if we are done after their lawn, at 1 or 2 o'clock. Or, do you work in the morning, and then quit till 3 or 4 to avoid the heat, and do some later?


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I know what you mean lawnman..."Are you done for the day?" No, we still have about 7 lawns left to do.

Yes, I do admit that it gets on my nerves when customers come out and talk to you while your doing the work, or constantly watch you, as if they do not trust you at all. I love customers that just tell me what to do and leave. And no I'm not being anti-social, they just get in the way of how I like to work, with no interruptions