Busuiness cards, what do you guys use?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by soloscaperman, Apr 28, 2008.

  1. soloscaperman

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    I want high quality cards that use think paper and that you can fell the lettering. I print my own but they look cheezy and you can't fell the letter's. Im getting a lot of word of mouth and I can't believe im getting alot of work and I had so many people they go me now and they ask if I have business cards. What is a good website to have them done or where do I go in CT?
  2. DistLawns

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    overnightprints.com-Very high quality cards. They even have the glossy finish for no extra charge, (just make sure you check the box for "gloss finish" when you order. 1000 cards run you about $50.00
  3. IMAGE

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    Yes Yes Yes! I used overnightprints.com and got 5000 full color front and back, glossy on both sides, for $169 deliverd! Took about one week from order to delivery.

    do a search online for overnightprints coupons, and you can find a code for free shipping.

    oh yeah, my cards turned out great, and get good comments :cool2:
  4. Organicare of Fairfield

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    we use a company called crownmark to do our printing they have some great estimating forms and cards and we were able to cutomize everything online with them pretty good prices also
    What part of CT are you in? ever need a fert co we cover all of fairfied and most of hartford counties
  5. elite lawns

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    i use vista really cheap the first time and if you wait for them to send you email you can get good deals

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