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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by TURFLORD, Aug 19, 2005.


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    How many lco's in the Northeast have noticed a drop in sales this year. My mowing and applicating sales are up, but landscape installation is down. My prices are in the middle and I attribute most of this to my good customers moving away. Home sales in my area are thru the roof. I've manage to retain the new homeowners as mowing customers but thats it. Is it me or are customers in general just not spending money outside the house? :confused:
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    agreed. mowing and apps are increasing, other work, decreasing. so, i am now in the process of growing my mow and app business by over 100%. i plan to add around 80 new clients between now, and april of 06
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    Definetly less calls on the answering machine when I get home, somedays none. Thank goodness for risidual and re-occuring work from my regular mowing customers. Actually laid off a worker Monday,he was ready to get the boot anyway so it wasnt hard to do.
    The heat wave had alot to do with it along with high fuel costs and people have used up alot of the equity in their homes with loans over the last couple years. Their starting to feel the pain on spending money like water the last couple years. September will be the real test though to see if it was any of the above ,because this is when it usually picks up.

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