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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by Fieldman12, Apr 18, 2008.

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    Well, I called and told the owner today it would be $3,500.00 total to do the job. I also told him that I would not build his pad using sod. I told him if he wishes to build the pad there it will cost him even more to have dirt hauled in. I suggested to him that the pad be moved to the bottom of the hill which in turn would save him money and I know they would be way more happy. I named many key points why to move it there and to do away with the so called sod base. They said they will kick it around. Doubt I here from them again but I can sleep well at night knowing I did not build something that was against one of the main things I know about excavating. :usflag:
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    good man ,you know what is right ,in the end this will pay off,it can be very hard to stick to youre guns when you need work ,dinner talks and ....forgot the rest !
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    It is interesting to me that when we, as a whole, do good work.....the word travels, but kinda slow. When you run into that job that doesn't go so well, that seems to travel like wildfire and never gets put to rest. In the long run Fieldman, it sounds like you did the right thing.........now, if I could just follow my own advise :)
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    I know it's hard to stand up and do it the right way but you know you gave them the best and if they chose to have someone cobble it you didn't provide an inferior service.
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    If you had built it, and it failed, they would have called you back to fix it at your expense whether you had explained the problem in using the sod or not. Part of integrity is doing what you know is right and in my book you can't go wrong following that.

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