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  1. GreenMonster

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    Actually Matt, I think you hit the nail on the head.
    Like you said, most jobs require a tri-axle for agg deliveries, but it is handy to have a 17k-19K GVWR for a little stone, gravel, sand or spoils to handle on your own.

  2. mbella

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    It's all you need if you're in the paver/block business and not in the trucking business.
  3. mrusk

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    I'm proably going to look for a international 4700 or a freightliner fl70 cb and chasis and put a lpack on it and a 12 ft dump bed and be done with it. 25995 gvw so anyone can drive it. Should be able to get set up with a decent truck for 25-30k. I just can't see spending 45k on a 550 that will not last as long as a international.

    Hell i doubt a 4700 is physically any bigger of a truck then a f550 if the bodies or comparable size.

    K think a flat bed with removeable sides or a dump body with fold down size would be ideal. You want something with sides low enough to load with a skid steer easily.

  4. DVS Hardscaper

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    Not really.

    You do not need much of a truck for gettin the material to the job. Thats the supplier's job.

    Where a larger truck comes in handy is when you finish a job and have equipment, tools, spoils, and left over material to haul away.

    Naturally one tries to remove the unnecessary tools, equipment, spoils, and materials as the work progresses. But reality is - it doesnt happen that way. If its a small job, you dont have enough days to haul things away as the work progresses. The larger payload is needed more towards the end of the project. Not really needed at the beginning.
  5. mbella

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    I'm sure we operate differently, so here's how we typically do it: 90% of the time, I have a sub that excavates and removes spoils that need to be removed. Also, he moves my skid steers if needed.

    Base aggregate, other materials are delivered. Crew shows up with 550 and enclosed trailer with all tools. Crew does the installation. If we are short one or four tons of material, crew uses 550 to go get it, or I go get 550 and run it to them. We finish job and crew leaves with extra material, spoils, etc. and hardscape trailer.

    I can't imagine having so much material left over on a small job that I couldn't get it onto our truck.
  6. Mike33

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    I like to work until thanksgiving and this year weather permitting i will be able to do that. Im trying to keep schedule and get everyone done for season but a little bad luck with rain and my bobcat broke down until next tues. it will be tough to keep every thing in line. I have had a great year very busy with good work. Some thing to be thank ful of in todays world. Im actually looking forward to closing down for winter and doing some hunting.
  7. mrusk

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    mbella- You sub out all excavation? Even for a 250 sq ft walkway?

  8. mbella

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    I sub out all of the excavation that I am able. Yes, even for a small job like a 250 sq. ft. walkway.
  9. forestfireguy

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    We are slowerr that we'd like to be now, we have work but not the juicy stuff we've been doing. Bids are going out but not being returned as fast as they had been in the last few months, soon we'll have to put work off until spring as snow money time is approaching pretty fast. We have lots of prep work to do to be ready for the white stuff, setting up onsite salt bins, going over trucks and plows and loaders and boxes and salters and mixing salt. Hate to be caught with my pants down if we gat an early snow.
  10. paponte

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    Hey Matt, let me know if your serious about a truck. If your in No. NJ, I have a guy right over the border in PA. I have an FL70 hooklift I just picked up from them recently. Similar truck to Jarod's, but stubbier for tight sights. I can carry 12'-14' bodies on it no problem. As far as GVW in trucks we have 19k and 26k for construction. Some jobs are too much for even the FL70, but I'm not dropping $130k+ on a tandem anytime soon we'll just hire for the day as needed. I'll have to take some pictures of the truck and post them. I must say I choose the FL over the international because of the HP, and the hooklift system that was on it. :)

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